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  • metaeevee


    My name is Rae and I'm a college student studying game design. I'm currently working on my skills in 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting and much more! I don't have any industry experience (yet), but I'm hoping to develop skills while I'm in school to obtain an internship. I also do a lot of digital painting and 2D art. I'm hoping to end up with some sort of prop or character design job.

  • saski13

    Hi! The name is Saskia! I am studying Game Design and my future goals are to be an Environmental Artist for 3D/2D, Character Designer mainly 2D but also in 3D, and a story writer/developer of video games.  I am excited to join the community!

  • RUX
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    RUX polygon


    I'm a 3d environment and prop game artist and I'm excited to join this awesome community!

  • LouiseR2


    I'm a 3d environment game artist last year at uni. I'm excited to see people's work for inspiration and to get feedback from the community.

  • Cl3m
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    Cl3m node

    Hello ! I'm self-taught prop artist and happy to be part of this community for learn every day.

  • Jomperr
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    Jomperr polycounter lvl 9

    Hello! I'm a hard surface artist, turns out I totally missed that you're supposed to introduce yourself here and have just been lurking the forums since 2014 heh

  • emmyjemmyjammy

    Hi! I'm Emmy and I'm learning to be a Character Artist. I got a BFA in drawing but minored in Game Design. To supplement my very limited education on 3D modeling I got in school I've been teaching myself Blender. I've been lurking here for a bit and wanted to get an account so I'd have a place I could go to ask questions and interact with people. Nice to meet everyone! I'm wanting to go into character art with a focus in hair grooming and clothing. I don't have a portfolio website for my 3D work yet. I've been working outside of the art world but I hope to have one up and running soon.

  • rioosart

    Hello, Polycounters!

    I'm a filmmaker turned developer turned aspiring 3D artist! lol I started studying 3D modeling this year so I'm very very new to a lot of things.

    Nice to meet all of you. :)

  • AppleJuiceqwe

    Ciao everyone,

    My name is Misha. I'm not really a developer but a gamer. I and my team created a platform for native product placement in games.
    I didn’t come here to sell or advertise anything, our platform is free for game developers. It’s very important for me to get feedback from game developers' community because that would help us to improve our solution. The main mission is to increase money income for game devs so you can see soon my topic with some questions for you.

    A pleasure to be here, cheers

  • 3DigitalCandy

    Hi everyone,

    I'm an ex-graphic designer and game developer turned CG artist who focuses on 3D, and I try to do a little bit of everything.

    I'd love to learn more from the Polycount community!

  • cdi_88
    Hi everyone!

    I'm a 3D character artist, I work with zBrush / Substance Painter and Blender.
    I'm starting to study Unity and Unreal (in the next months).

    I'll be posting my work soon as possible!
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