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  • theUncommon
    Hey! I got dragged along to the London meetup by Fearian and met a bunch of you lovely people!

    I'm a game designer rather than a 3D artist but it's something I'm aiming to learn so I can do more with my own designs.
  • Claddish
    Hey! I am in the same boat as theUncommon... god dammit Fearian... 
    I'm also not a 3D artist, but have dabbled in that area and will continue to dabble on my own project
  • everfrost77
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    everfrost77 polycounter lvl 3
    Hi, programmer with strong interest in tech artistry
  • starakat
    Hi, my name is Tara and I've justed started to learn 3d sculpting/modeling, focusing mainly on character modeling.  I'm looking forward to being a part of the community.
  • Hammer
    Hey team! My name is Jack, currently a games artist working in the UK. Looking to get more involved with the community whilst improving myself at the same time :) All the best! 
  • mutedwrrrJW
    Hello polycount community. I'm a novice and just started getting into 3d art!
  • Michalo
    Hey, hey!
    My name is Michal, I'm digital sculptor from Poland. I mostly do things for 3d prints and I'm here for the art you're making. Always looking for inspirations and maybe some help ;)
  • Epsilonn
    Hello, I'm Epsilonn, from France and I'm glad to be part to polycount community, share art, advices and happiness. I'm interested in animation films and video games. I would love to be an environment artist for those industry.  :smile: 
  • OliverJSR
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    OliverJSR polycounter lvl 3
    Hey there, My name is Oliver and I am a character artist and freelance illustrator.  Always looking to support new artists and offer help where I can.  I'm still fairly new to 3D art so I'd love to see what people think of my work so far.  What attracted me to polycount is the supportive atmosphere.  It is really nice to be part of a community that isn't just trying to compete with each other. catch me on twitter: @OliverJSR 
  • Richy
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    Richy polycounter lvl 3
    Good day. My first post for activation.
  • tschrock

    Hello everyone.  My name is Tim and my main skill is music composition which also includes live recorded performance and written transcriptions.  I have been transcribing video game soundtracks for a few years now and have composed for several game jams. It's time for me to reach for the next level.  If you need foley and design as well, please do not hesitate to ask.  

    At the same rate, I am always on the lookout for musicians and voice actors; I am oftentimes surprised by how much amazing talent comes from the most unlikely places.  Thank you!   

  • TravisMcCallum
    My name is Travis McCallum and I am training myself to be a VFX Artist.  Currently I practice building particle effects, materials and blueprints in UE4. Hoping to expand into other programs as my proficiency increases.

    I dropped out of graduate school for Journalism this year at age 31. (My B.A. was in Theatre.) I currently work two in-between-jobs as a server at a movie theatre and a contract video editor for a media company. I started branding myself as a content creator creating videos with AfterEffects. I had a chance encounter with two game developers at my server job whom encouraged me to do VFX in games as opposed to motion pictures.  They said the demand, job stability, medical insurance and many other incentives were there.

    I'm experiencing the joys and frustrations of being a technical artist with "full immersion."  Whenever I'm not at work, or spending T.V. time cuddling with my wonderful girlfriend, I'm hammering away on tutorials, articles, podcasts and the engine itself.  It's been two weeks since I made the leap and each day I am excited to compile a infinite combination of art inside a virtual constraint.

    Please recommend any mentors, masterclasses, podcasts, influencers and VFX you know and love to see.  Besides ArtStation, RealTimeVFX has been an invaluable resource in my continuing education.  Sadly the scope of VFX information is sparsely organized in comparison to other specializations-- which I might infer to the intense problem solving required of the job as a creative and technical expert on a myriad of subjects (anatomy, environmental, etc.)

    I hope to learn and contribute to this community.  I've only read wonderful and encouraging posts from everyone.  And if you are local to Dallas, TX-- hit me up for a beer!

    Travis McCallum
    Twitter I Website I ArtStation 
  • Tony84
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    Tony84 polycounter lvl 4
    Hi everyone!
    My name is Tony and I'm a modeler, nice to meet you =)
  • Kedyz
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    Kedyz polycounter lvl 7

    I'm Eddy, I´ve been lurking around here since 2011 when I was a student, now i'm a Character Artist at Ubisoft and hopefully contribute sometime soon! 
  • RealFagiano
    Hiya fellow artists!!
    My name's Emanuele, I'm an italian 3D artist. I've attended a small school about game art in Florence and I'm currently looking to improve my skillset in creating game ready 3D assets and a good personal portfolio to show around when I'll be looking to be hired in the industry.

    I've been using the forum's vast knowledge pool for a while now and I think the time has come for me to start getting my feet wet.
    So by registering on this forum I hope I can get to know good people and exchange some quality feedback so we can all become killer artists and good friends.

    LET'S GO DUDE. ♥

  • corey23
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    corey23 polycounter lvl 4
    Sup guys!

    I´m Corey, 3D Character Artist and I´m  glad to be here. 
  • Nordhal
    Hello polycounters !
    I'm Nordhal, I do 3D modeling by passion. I'm totally a debutant, but would love to learn more and improve my skills.
    I checked this forum for quite a time now, and always impressed by the posted artist works.
    So I decided to join, I hope someday I'll be able to help new polycounters like me, and show 3D models I'll be proud of !
  • SquidInkDream
    Hello! I’m SquidInkDream, and I am a very young artist who wants to learn to create better art and characters so that when I’m older, I can hopefully go into the video game industry. Nice to meet everyone!
  • bruceevans
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    bruceevans polycounter lvl 3
    Howdy team!
  • Jo
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    Jo polycounter lvl 4
    Hi ,im Joao Neto,I im 3D Environment Artist for games.
  • Febster
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    Febster polycounter lvl 3
    Hey! I'm Kyrylo. I'm studying 3d modeling. In usual life I'm working as senior product designer. Cheers!
  • ryansizemore
    Hello, my name is Ryan and I'm getting back into 3D environment modeling. I originally went to school a while back for 3D modeling and animation but wasn't able to make a career out of it at the time. Lately, I've been motivated to once again pursue that path and am working hard to build up a new portfolio and to network within the game development community.
  • Garabrant
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    Garabrant polycounter lvl 3
    please delete my account. Thanks
  • KenWong
    Hi there! My name's Ken, I'm a Voice Actor and would love to volunteer to help out with any voiceover requirements you may need. Admittedly, I'm fairly new to the scene but I hope to expand my network with promising individuals here. So feel free to message me for any requests!

    I've always been interested in games and Graphic Design is one of my strong suits, so it's wonderful to see the creativity budding here.
  • bipolarbear45
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    bipolarbear45 polycounter lvl 5
    Hi there! My name is Thomas and I am an Environment Artist.  In a past life, I was also a QA tester. I recently when back to school to finish up my education.  I have now graduated and I am looking for ways to improve and make cool stuff.  I always welcome any tips or tricks so feel free to message me. I am currently working on more projects designed to refine my current modeling skills and learn some new texturing skills.
  • Belfy93
    Hi Polycount!

    I'm Davide, amateur 3d environment artist.
    I've been a silent watcher of this forum for far too long, and now that I started to work on a videogame with some other amateurs I decided to try to bring my hobby to the next level and improve for real.

    I'm so excited about joining this community, I just have to ask you to be kind about my english, since it's not my mother language.
  • JdR2
    Hi! I'm Juan Daniel, but i use JdR2 for almost everything i do online.

    I'm from Colombia and i want to be a professional 3D Animator.

    I just finish my degree in Multimedia Production 2 weeks ago, with a focus on Video games development.

    I've been doing 3D animation as a Hobby for almost 7 years doing some short things from time to time, but just considering doing it like a profession last year, although i started to take it seriously a couple a months ago.

    I hope i can share with you people something soon so i can have as much feedback as possible.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this!
  • theokain
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    theokain triangle
    Hi, I'm Theo, I'm a 3D generalist with character animation, currently focusing on 3D modeling and hand painted textures.

    I've been making 3D art on and off since 2001 but only taking it seriously since 2008 after graduating my animation course. Since then I've worked in various design fields, and even learned some programming so I could publish small games made with Unity.

    I would like to work with indie or even large game studios making beautiful 3d assets and handpainted or stylised textures.

    Thanks and look forward to becoming a member and a small part of this community!
  • Pryme_XIII
    Hi there,
    my name is Nick and I'm a mixed media student, who is pretty much self taught in game art (i.e. 3D/2D, modeling, sculpting, texturing).
    I'm currently working on my Bachelor Thesis, which focuses on building an environment in UE4.
    Since everything I know is based on YT, learning by doing and failing a lot, I finally decided it's about time to join this community
    to (hopefully) contribute, share and get some feedback.

  • ksarvas
    Hey Everybody!

    My name is Kyle Sarvas and I'm currently a student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I'm aspiring to be an Environment Artist in the games industry and hope to keep learning a ton from all you knowledgeable and talented Polycount users.

  • calyxrba
    My name is Calyx. I'm studying Games Art and Design and I want to go into asset production, but I'm a slow learner and sometimes have trouble! I really enjoy 3D modelling despite this, particularly when it comes to creature design. I'll probably be pretty quiet most of the time, so don't expect me to be too chatty! 
  • fil5
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    fil5 polycounter lvl 2
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