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  • 99499
    Hello, I am working on a video game  and have been teaching myself the ins and outs of various software for about 3 years, but I still consider myself a novice in the realm of 3D art. I joined here to hopefully get some technical help on my rigging program of choice, 3DS max, but I've looked around a bit and really enjoy the other work I've seen, it is inspiring. Look forward to learning from you all and growing as an artist.
  • JustAfterDark
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    Well, I don't want to break a tradition of 7 years, so hello everyone!

    I'm Javi, from Spain, self taught 3D artist (work in progress on that). Happy to join, hope to learn a lot and share cool stuff with everyone.

  • SaraVarela
    Hello everyone!

    I'm Sara, a 3D artist from Portugal. I learned the basics of 3d modelling 7 years ago in University, but never touched it again until this summer when I decided to get serious and work on teaching myself everything beyond the basics. I'm very happy to join this community.
  • Xiaodaban
    Hey Everyone, I'm a 3d hobbyist living in Shanghai.

    I originally studied 3d modelling at University as a part of my degree. But after taking a long break from 3d modelling, I've slowly started to get back into it and want to seriously improve and focus finally tackle my white whale...Character modelling. 
  • Suonkhel
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Piotr, 3d environment/prop artist currently living in Poland. I've got about 2 years of professional experience in game industry, but soon I will be looking for new job and opporunity to learn. Before that happens, I will be working full time on my portfolio for some time.

  • zNKHz
    I'm Nicola Hynes and I'm studying a Games Design degree.
    I have done illustration, digital and traditional, for most of my life, but I want to move more into creating concept art and further refine my 3D modelling and texturing skills I have been learning at university. 
  • Journ3ymn
    G'day all,
    I'm a hobbyist game developer and one day hope to finish and release something.
    I work in blender for 3d modeling, animation and texturing and Unity for a game engine.
  • SpencerMadeThis
    I'm Spencer and i'm a junior studying game design. I enjoy modelling things in Maya and creating my own textures in Substance Painter. Looking forward to sharing with this community.
  • InvaderRoxas
    Hello, all! My name is Daphne, and I am studying game design in Detroit with a focus in environment & asset design, as well as concept design and script/story writing
  • GGGraphics

    I'm a 3D artist with a bit of industry experience. Some friends recommended polycount and here I am. I live in Canada and like games, sketching and reading books. I'm interested in building my portfolio up and seeing what other artists are involved with. 

    Take care!

  • Nightsong
    Greetings, Polycount!

    I'm a 3D modeler and illustrator from northern California with a passion for environments.  Although I love all kinds of artwork, my heart is in storytelling and if an image has a story it has my immediate attention.  I've heard about Polycount for a long time, and found many different threads here over the years with useful tips and advice, so I figured it was about time I actually joined in the fun. :)

  • Dihemi
    Hello everyone,

    I'm a 3D Artist (generalist, and a bit of 2D skills) with +5 years of experience in advertisement. I'm looking to expand my work into the gaming/movie industry and hope in time to post my work for critique.
  • 3Dani_
    Hi! My name is Dani, 28 years old and from Madrid (Spain), just another person who is learning 3D modeling and texturing ^^, hope to learn a lot here, and maybe meet some good people interested in improving our skills  together!

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