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  • SaraVarela
    Hello everyone!

    I'm Sara, a 3D artist from Portugal. I learned the basics of 3d modelling 7 years ago in University, but never touched it again until this summer when I decided to get serious and work on teaching myself everything beyond the basics. I'm very happy to join this community.
  • Xiaodaban
    Hey Everyone, I'm a 3d hobbyist living in Shanghai.

    I originally studied 3d modelling at University as a part of my degree. But after taking a long break from 3d modelling, I've slowly started to get back into it and want to seriously improve and focus finally tackle my white whale...Character modelling. 
  • Suonkhel
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Piotr, 3d environment/prop artist currently living in Poland. I've got about 2 years of professional experience in game industry, but soon I will be looking for new job and opporunity to learn. Before that happens, I will be working full time on my portfolio for some time.

  • zNKHz
    I'm Nicola Hynes and I'm studying a Games Design degree.
    I have done illustration, digital and traditional, for most of my life, but I want to move more into creating concept art and further refine my 3D modelling and texturing skills I have been learning at university. 
  • Journ3ymn
    G'day all,
    I'm a hobbyist game developer and one day hope to finish and release something.
    I work in blender for 3d modeling, animation and texturing and Unity for a game engine.
  • SpencerMadeThis
    I'm Spencer and i'm a junior studying game design. I enjoy modelling things in Maya and creating my own textures in Substance Painter. Looking forward to sharing with this community.
  • InvaderRoxas
    Hello, all! My name is Daphne, and I am studying game design in Detroit with a focus in environment & asset design, as well as concept design and script/story writing
  • GGGraphics

    I'm a 3D artist with a bit of industry experience. Some friends recommended polycount and here I am. I live in Canada and like games, sketching and reading books. I'm interested in building my portfolio up and seeing what other artists are involved with. 

    Take care!

  • Nightsong
    Greetings, Polycount!

    I'm a 3D modeler and illustrator from northern California with a passion for environments.  Although I love all kinds of artwork, my heart is in storytelling and if an image has a story it has my immediate attention.  I've heard about Polycount for a long time, and found many different threads here over the years with useful tips and advice, so I figured it was about time I actually joined in the fun. :)

  • Dihemi
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    Dihemi triangle
    Hello everyone,

    I'm a 3D Artist (generalist, and a bit of 2D skills) with +5 years of experience in advertisement. I'm looking to expand my work into the gaming/movie industry and hope in time to post my work for critique.
  • 3Dani_
    Hi! My name is Dani, 28 years old and from Madrid (Spain), just another person who is learning 3D modeling and texturing ^^, hope to learn a lot here, and maybe meet some good people interested in improving our skills  together!

  • rocketvanalpha
    Hello, My name is Ryan. I am a EA Game and Illustration student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Hoping to get some critiques on my work so I can improve.

    Hello everybody!
  • LeonWolff
    Hello, My name is Leon. I'm studying Game Design and Illustration at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. 
    I'm new to modelling, but I'm hoping to get some feedback on my work so I can always improve and further my skills. 

    It's great to meet everyone. 
  • loringuisgand
    Hi, I'm Lorin. I am studying Game Design! Nice to meet you all.
  • Clawlis
    Hello there...General Kenobi, I mean Conor. I'm a Sophomore/Junior hybrid at College For Creative Studies studying Game Design. I really enjoy automotive lighting and rendering but im trying my hand at some Game Art as well.
  • avishek maitra
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    avishek maitra polycounter lvl 7
    Hi everyone, my name is Avishek and I am a motivated and passionate 3D Artist and  able to develop realstic and toon cg assets for game and movies. i am here to share my knowledge and artworks with the community, and also to gather more knowledge from the great artist peoples around this platform, and i am very glad to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you.
  • NoSkillsNoProblem
    Hey guys, 2d animation student here looking to improve my work and get better as an artist in general!
    was looking for a nice art community to be a part of and decided to give it a shot here.
    Nice to meet you guys and may you find growth and success in your art journey!
  • Verbina29
    Hello! I’m just someone who hopes to eventually make a game. I’ve been learning Blender, and found this forum and wiki while looking for tutorials. It seems like a helpful place, so I decided to sign up!
  • JuliaAndrea
    Hello! I am a nearly graduate 3D environment artist based in Glasgow but moving to London soon! I am here to learn and improve my skills as well as meet people who share the same passion in 3D art like me. Yay!
  • Joe_Whynn
    Hi! My name is Joe Whynn! I am a 3D artist that focuses on stylized art! I can't wait to show myself to this community and looking forward to be apart of it! Cheers to my fellow artists!
  • AlFus
    Hi, I'm an aspiring hard surface / environment artist living in Spain who is really bad at self-promotion.
    I come from a graphic design background but I decided 3D art was my passion. I'm eager to get feedback on my work and keep improving.
  • nebula_north
    Been on this site for a some months but Im not active. I just pop in and out when Im looking for resources on how to learn
  • sacboi
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    sacboi sublime tool
    Just peep'd your portfolio, some nice stuff there overall, the 'Kombi Van' especially jumped out because I'm really into grunge applied intuitively which is always great too see, particularly when transitioning from another field/profession.

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