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AllyAlbon greentooth
Hello everyone,

Fairly new to modelling but thought it would be inspiring to join in here.

I went to uni to do computer arts over 10 years ago (!) but dropped out due to the course being quite poor back then, and falling in love (aaw). Since then, have worked in the pet industry, and then into law as a way to get a stable job while weaselling my way into art/games. It has always really been my true love, I just didn’t think I would ever be “good enough.” However I have had enough of that mind set and will prevail one day.

Recently started 3d modelling and oh my do I love it. I had dabbled briefly about three years ago but struggled with the nature of the tutorials I used – tried again and this time I am hooked.

So here is my hopeful journey into the industry. I just turned 31 recently and thought; argh – getting too old, better get cracking if I want to do this! So I am leaping in with both feet, developing skills in 2d and 3d in the hope of the next 2-5 years being very productive indeed.

More images to follow; for now - today I had my first foray into zbrush and I am SO excited at the potential!



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