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So what are you working on?


  • Chai
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    Chai polycounter lvl 13
    East that's one kickass jackets, your pieces are very inspiring and makes me want to pick up organic work again smile.gif

    Here's my latest gun textured :

  • Slipstream
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    Slipstream polycounter lvl 15
    Chai, that is a kickass gun. The wear and tear on it is really well done almost across the board. The only place that jumps out for me is the clip, whose scratches look really uniform.
    If they were higher up near its top, where a soldier might be hastily jamming it in without looking (or absent . . . since you have to replace clips anyway, and thus they might not be the same age as the gun?), you'd sell it more IMO
  • r4ptur3
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    r4ptur3 polycounter lvl 10
    i agree about the clip ... but overall it is pretty amazing!
  • aniceto
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    aniceto polycounter lvl 14
    [ QUOTE ]
    is that a 3d model aniceto? f'in hell nice work

    [/ QUOTE ]

    yep, its just hair with a brush stroke opacity and material colour taken from the emitter
  • NeoShroomish

    1024^2 (n.map, spec. & diff.)
    746 Tris
  • kite
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    kite polycounter lvl 14
    cool work all
    awesome jacket East, and great costume design too, has a nice old school star wars han solo feel
    ruz - thanks, yeah it's a mix of polypainting and applink. I found the col>tex and tex<col really handy.
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    Aniceto, that's mad cool... I thought it was a painting at first smile.gif
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