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UPDATE: 6/27/10... DONE!



Don't forget Proggie!

Well.. I have been away for the last 4-5 days on a crazy job interview trip.. but I definitely want to try and compete in this contest. I am jetlagged right now but I have concepted a really quick sketch of some basic ideas.. with a bit of reference material I am using.

Class Selection:The Pyro
My Theme: 'The Gas Man'


I always considered the Pyro to be a little bit nutty, so for my theme I chose to do a gas station service man. Humble, 1950s gas station attendant by day, crazy pyromaniac by night... the smell of fresh gas fumes and the squeal of a squeegee on window is just what this once humble service man loves the most.

3 Items:(Official Names will be determined later)

1. The Attendant (HAT ITEM) - hat and a bowtie together in a 1950's gas station attendant's style.



2. The De-Greaser (PRIMARY WEAPON ITEM) - old school 50s gas pump handle attached together with an old gas-can or something along those lines. The barrel will be crafted from an old WW2 style stove burner and some other gas station items such as a metal funnel. The underside will be attached an old school fire extinguisher. The compression blast will now eject CO2 particles and icey gas instead of the standard air blast, thus helping to further extinguish teammates and deflect rockets. I still haven't completely worked out the entire style of the flamethrower yet... I'll concept that out next.

3. The Powerjack (MELEE WEAPON ITEM) - antique automobile jack to lift up cars to replace spare tires. Packs a devastating punch with the weight of the car battery.



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