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Doing the Engineer some justice!


Final Presentation Page!




Shotgun replacement is Big Mean Mother Hubbard

A one shot blunderbuss shotty that uses metal along with ammo each time you shoot it. If shot at teammates it gives them ammo. Loads extremely slow and packs a might punch. Loading animation could be nuts and bolts instead of shells.


Wrench replacement is The Big Bang

oversized rubber mallet head



  • Buck
    Wow, really nice concept!
  • Galago
    Balls-to-the-wall awesome!
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    So I guess I'd call this the 3d concept version. its pretty rough still. Just trying to get a feel for how the shapes look and how its going to work. Not sure if I should have some contraption feed the metal into the gun or if I should just have it slightly open exposing bits of metal for loading manually. I also might make the ammo box smaller in length so it doesn't extend so far down the barrel.

  • Enderstaley
    Holy Shit thats Awesome! What would it replace? The Shotgun? Whats your overall theme?
  • spetch
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    spetch polycounter lvl 11
    First time today been able to look at this concept, pretty badass. My only comment is it looks a little top/side heavy. I wonder how it would look if you had the ammo box open, the lid to the side, and the box strapped underneith. You'd have to reduce the height of the box, but you'd be able to put shards of metal, ammo, etc. popping out of it. I'll draw this up for you tomorrow if I'm not making sense. I think the concept could be further explored before you go into texturing phase. Just my .02
  • humanio
    Looking great so far. My only suggestion would be to do something a little different with the ammo box. When You look at every other weapon/item belonging to the engineer its obvious that it was very well thought out and put together. He's a thinking man and I get the feeling he would have figured out a nifty way to add more ammo or attach for ammo to that awesome shotgun.

    Great work!
  • Incapability
    It's a great idea you've got there, it's straightforward and to the point. The only thing I'm worried about is that ammo box. The idea isn't wrong, but the ammo box just looks horrible like that - and I can only see it interfering with actually using the weapon in every way. Maybe, you should think of something simpler and cleaner, like the rest of the gun, if not just killing your darlings and removing that awful box entirely.

    Great job so far, though.
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 14
    It's about bloody time the game had a mobile ammo replenisher. Sounding like a really solid idea, Oobersli.

    With regards to the balance, you could probably pop the box up on top behind the barrel. You'd also then have a natural gravity feed for your loading.
  • EVIL
    This one looks awesome! and its a really neat idea!
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    thanks guys. I'll work with placement of the ammo box and how it feeds into it.

    @jackablade - I was thinking of like a tube or slide that just lets the ammo casually slide in.

    Discussed with someone from work that maybe even having a cage or basket on the side and have the ammo box be replaceable. The box would be openable and the engy would just take handfuls of metal to jam in the gun. Maybe even have the lid rigged so as he walked around it would flap open a bit. That wold require custom animations though and I'm really wanting to gravitate away from that.

    Might try and do a revision during lunch and post it up later today.
  • Redfhendrix
    If you wanted the magazine on the gun to simply be a small ammo box, you could have it mounted under the gun upright.
    [~~~] Bad ANSI model of what I'm talking about.
    | |
    | |

    That way to reload, he could just eject the empty container and either fill it or pull a new one from his belt. Since the small ammo box holds 40 metal, the gun might use that much when it shoots? However, if you didn't want it to use that much metal per shot, you could have him shoot once, then flip the box over and use the same cartridge without reloading (Making this movement as fast or slow as your wanted [If you wanted it to technically be a one shot weapon]). That way each shot only uses 20 metal.
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    no dice on getting work done at lunch. I was thinking that i'll raise the ammo box a tad and make it somewhat smaller. A small chute that feeds into the barrel so there won't need to be a reload animation. Right click will just be the pumping animation and the longer the engy pumps it the more damage. Similar to how the demo sticky launcher works.

    When an engy puts the weapon away,to fix a building or whatnot the charge is reset to prevent the engy from having an awesome one shot gun ready to pop a spy. This might force and engy to keep his weapon out and go more offensive with it rather than just waiting.

    and I guess if we have to have a "theme" then mine is "Bigger is Better" or "Don't mess with Texas" :P
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    ok, messed with some shapes. Made the barrel much bigger. Changed the ammo contraption to be directly connected to the barrel. The feed is on the other side and will look similar to the metal feed on the engy dispenser. The inwards bevel would be a meter or gauge of some sort to let the engy know how much power has be charged up. Think a microwave *ding* should go off when fully charged.


  • Fragus
    The crosshair isn't necessary!
  • Twigbag
    This is a vast improvement! Loose the cross-hair...
  • Swizzle
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    Swizzle polycounter lvl 11
    Fragus wrote: »
    The crosshair isn't necessary!

    But it's awesome. Therefore, it is entirely necessary.
  • Vitius
    I think the crosshair looks a little bit odd sitting at the end of the barrel but I won't refute it as it probably looks better than having it near the ammo box.
  • Zipfinator
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    Zipfinator polycounter lvl 9
    I really like this so far. Would make the Engineer into a support class more like the Medic! you should try and make your other weapons go along with that maybe.
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    ya, i was thinking that it would force the engy to hang around the front lines more. I played engie alot in the studio rumble and I usually found myself sitting by myself clanking away waiting for someone to come my way. Offensive engys need more tools *hoping the update fixes that* to be truly effective up front.

    As for my other items its a toss up between

    Huge ass revolver.
    Cattle Prod
    Spurs *most likely cosmetic*
  • cookiecrisps
    Most Brilliant Engi Shotty ive seen, Love how it looks. Gj
  • re.wind
    keep the iron sight at the end of the barrel. Moving it to the ammo section would just clutter up the area with too much detail leaving the front without enough detail, or so i'd say.
  • Cprossu
    Vast improvement, especially considering the sorta excessive compulsiveness of the engie...
    I think "well loved" usage wear would be fitting to the character as opposed to the kind of "taped together" approach you had first attempt... an egg timer ding might be appropriate, or perhaps a buzzer!
  • Incapability
    It's looking really good, so far, but if you want my feedback the crosshair creates a visual imbalance. It's much too flimsy compared to the rest of the weapon, which is solid and heavy. It also breaks the otherwise very clean lines. Maybe you should consider that - so if you want iron sights, maybe you should consider making the iron sights much more solid and in tune with the rest of the design.

    The gravity loaded ammo box looks better than the ammo box, but I still believe it makes the weapon very lopsided and breaks the otherwise very beautiful gun. You could consider trying to work with another design next to this, for example where you include a sliding bolt mechanism in the side of the shotgun - this would also serve to break the monotony of the sides.

    Finally, a few minor suggestions to consider - reshaping the stock slightly, to accomodate for a handle with a butt stock extension (take a look at some real shotguns, you'll see) - I think it would work well with the already very fluid design of the barrel. Also consider extending the front of the trigger guard in a concave shape, maybe? That would further bring attention to it.

    Oh, and also, consider placing the trigger differently, it appears that it will not pull from its current position.

    Hope you find any of it useful, and good luck!
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks for all the input every1. I just put the cross hairs for a laugh. they're gone already. I'm still trying to get a good flow for the ammo box. I replaced the side lid with one that actually resembles the dispenser one more. Probably for the next few days I'll just be messing with the shapes and seeing how it reads in 1st person.

    As for the trigger I actually used the in game shot gun as a side ref for the it and the breach part? and the pump thing *my gun terminology is shit*. I think its just the angle of my renders that make it look weird.

    Also, i wanted to experiment with an idea of a hand guard a friend suggested. To sorta keep the engies hand on the gun after a big blast?

  • Blueplastic
    this is beautiful!
    and it's very cartoonish like TF2 :D
  • Fragus
    Try to do some detail on the left side! Maybe a belt, wires or something else!
  • BANG!
    I really like the idea! great design too, though maybe the ammo box will be annoying in first person hidding part view field, though need to see that in game nice work anyway =D
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
  • beaRKT227
    This seems like a great idea. One of the best engi ideas I've seen so far! If you're gonna stick with the "hand guard" you might want to make it a little bit bigger cause the engi has some pretty big hands.
  • Psyke
    oh, that looks beast
  • ScudzAlmighty
    very cool sir, not sure I understand the need for the clip on the bottom, but I like it nonetheless :)
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    ok, so spetch suggested I put the contraption on top of the barrel like a few others suggested so I decided to give it a try. I don't think it would block the sight of the barrel tooo much in 1st person and it most def balances it better now. Sorry for all the photo trolling today, promise this is my last for the day.

    Awesome job so far, I really like it. How about in between perfectly on top and hanging off the side, I like before how it looked like he built it on to the gun, now it just looks like it's sitting on top. Maybe a happy medium?

    Though I'm not sure how the current reload animation is going to work for this.
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    REKLAS wrote: »
    Awesome job so far, I really like it. Though I'm not sure how the current reload animation is going to work for this.

    I was going to propose there be no reload animation. Since it feeds off metal it just runs off your metal supply. the only animation would need to be to is the pump that could be looped.

    If thats too much I can always move the opening down to where the original shotgun loads at.
  • A Boojum Snark
    I liked this idea enough I had to register to say so :) I also had an idea, since it seems you're having trouble finding a good implementation for the ammo box. What about removing it from the gun entirely and having him reload it by grabbing a small ammo box and dumping scrap down the barrel? It would be more in the musket/muzzle-loader style, though it would lose the "engineered contraption" feel.
  • Clusternate

    Its getting better and better.

    I would use ur Shotti instead of the Standart one^^
  • Zipfinator
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    Zipfinator polycounter lvl 9
    Every update gets better and better! I don't see why you have to stop posting updates. It's your thread, do what you want with it!

    I agree with the using Metal as ammo and not using a reload animation. I have a few suggestions. The handle protector/bar needs some sort of support or screw system that attaches it to the pump. Maybe stick a few small metal pieces over it and have screws on each side. What I'm thinking of would be similar to that metal piece with the screw in it on the front, but smaller and wrapped slightly up the sides of the pump. Also right now it's not obvious what that metal bar is. It really doesn't come across as a hand guard and looks sort of out of place honestly. If you're going to make it some sort of small shield you should test out some different attachments and post them here!

    Although this goes against the rules of just doing cosmetic updates of current items, I would say go ahead with it. I think if it's executed well enough Valve would still possibly pick it.
  • Sparkwire
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    Sparkwire polycounter lvl 8
    If you want it to have custom animations, I am ready to animate it any way you like, whether it be taking bolts out of the box and jamming it in the barrel, to slapping the side to activate whatever mechanism you have planned. If you want to discuss it, either respond here, send me a private message, or add me on steam(sparkwire). Thank you for your time.
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    ok I lied, got time to fit in one more update for the day.

    added some detail to the back of the barrel and added a hammer just for show.

  • Mcgriddles
    Looks great. Best I've seen so far great Idea and great design can't wait for you next items
  • ParingKnife
    I love the most recent modifications!
  • Ikimono
    Well this was pretty damn close to the concept I had for a shotgun; interesting to see the good ideas being used by more than one person.

    Keep up the work, you may want to shorten the stack on the ejection port so that it matches closer to the original shotgun's port.
  • Karkasmolenklok
    Swelligant and viable. I can't wait to see what the rest of your ideas will be.
  • Sash
    Hi there. I'm new on this forum, and i'm a total noob with modelling. But i'm a die-hard tf2 player, so maybe i could be some use to you..
    First i want to say that i love your idea for a new weapon. I also like the model you made, but i have some points for you, that you may want to think about.

    I like the model you made, but i loved the drawing. It had a more assembled look. Like the engineer was fighting a battle once, and he thought: "You know what would be useful? Bringing some ammo with me!". And then he put an old gun and an ammobox he had lying around together (skilfull as he is) with some rope or tape or something like that. It has a more raw, less clean look about it. It could also explain some downsides of the weapon, to contrast the pros. The old gun could be less accurate (more spread) and slower then the traditional gun (maybe more trouble with reloading?). But it can have, as you already pointed out, more power, and of course it transports ammo. It would also be awesome if you could stash some metal from your destroyed buildings in it, when you're normal transport limit of 200 metal is exceeded. This comes in handy, when you have to move up your nest (sentry/dispenser) all the time, cause your team is moving. Cause everytime you destroy your building, you'll be building them up faster.

    Secondly, I think you should integrate the ammo print from the tf2 ammoboxes in your model (also, like in your drawing). This way the purpose of the weapon would be more obvious, and i think it suites the tf2-theme better.

    And a last thing to think about is how you want your weapon to be shot. With the trigger? Or with some pump-action, like the standard shotgun? I think the last thing is a lot easier to animate, cause it's already in the game. This (the animating) is probably not even something you're gonna do, but i think it's good to think about it.

    I hope this is some use to you. I'm very looking forward to seeing the rest of your set. Keep up the good work, man!
  • Buck
    Nice work! in game shots will look hot.
  • Burkans
    Great job. Looks fantastic!
  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    ok, slimmed it down a tad more and added some barrel reinforcement. Thought it might help give a more "bulky" look since the box was slimmed. Also added a gauge to show pressure/power etc..

    I think I'm getting close to calling the mesh done and start to uv. Atm its roughly around 4500 tris. Might try and see what I can optimize as well. Also should have a first pass at the mallet to show soon.

  • oobersli
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    oobersli polycounter lvl 11
    ok, rough idea of the mallet I'm thinking of. Most of it will be wooden but with metal ends that have the team logo reversed like a brand so when hit, it leaves a stamp. :)

    Might be too simple atm, so i'll try and modernize it some. might lose the brand as well.

    I'll try and include a shot of the engy wrench with my next update so everyone can get an idea of this things size. The mallet head is pretty huge.

  • Clusternate
    Noooooo :°-(

    I liked the last Box-Model more than this one.

    This looks a lil bit not ready for me.
    But the Gauge looks quiet good.

    Jiggle Bones on the box door would be a nice feature.^^
  • Y_M
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    Y_M polycounter lvl 7
    I also like the smaller hatch on the metal box than the larger new one, the smaller one doesn't look like it would fall open as much and as such the lack of a fastening latch isn't much of a problem but if you stick with the larger one it should have some kind of latch to keep it shut when not in use.
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