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[WIP] Gordon Freeman concept

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Hello guys & welcome to my first 3d art showcase !

Today i have decided to share my work with you, because your feedback is essential for me and for every artist, as we always try to improve our skills. So i ask for you critics and suggestion !

So this a personal project based on half life gordon freeman, heavily inspired by Daryl Mandryk concept ( The freeman ).
The main goal behind this project is to recap what i have learned in the past 3 years, as i am a junior 3d artist, trying to specialize in character creation, it's also a new avenue and technics exploration, trying to get out of my comfort zone !

enough writing for now, i will let the screenshots and screengrabs do the talking !

Software used : Zbrush, 3dsmax and the magical PureRef =)

Before starting, i am sorry for this fast / rough presentation, i didn't have in mind to share a step by step progress, and i never did, but as we learn always, i knew that it's a very important thing to show my progress !
So i promise in the next step of texturing/retopo/face i will keep you posted and updated !

  • Blockout

  • Mesh Cleanup and full polishing ( zsphere & zmodeler workflow )

now i decided to clean up my meshes, so i started using zsphere to have a clean topology, crease, subdiv..
Boolean was used in this process

  • Object holder creation

so now i had a couple of object that needs to be created before moving to detailing phase, tactical clips, and a water bottle

for those tactial clips, i really wanted something different, every reference in the web is the same shape, form, detail.
then a water bottle maybe ? wellis was inspired by the Universal Grenade on artstation from Nazar Melnychuk and i think it was originally created by Arrimus 3D in youtube. so permission granted, model created =)

below, the process creation for the bottle, usual method, starting from a cylinder, zmodeler along with the new gizmo, then Boolean for some details

initial tactical clips creation, was created with symmetry on, then i had to pose it in its place and deformed using the bend curve gizmo

and finally the last piece, those buckles.. same method again, but i used 3dsmax to draw simple base mesh then finished it in zbrush..
again Boolean was used in this piece

  • MEMORY EATER PHASE ? Detailing !

so in this stage, i had to use my imagination i almost didn't follow any reference.. i wanted something creative, something personal..
the Freeman concept from Daryl Mandryk was used mostly for the silhouette and needed also for the texturing later

a lot of depression in this stage, i had so many zbrush crash, i felt like i exaggerated it with the details but when i take a break and i come back, i take a look and say to myself, keep pushing it somehow, it's going to be something, i kept telling my self, this is an exercise more than a showcase !

so please, be my guest and enjoy !

  • And finally...

now this is a full zbrush render with simple keylight and simple matcap to let you see the whole thing much better..

Again, this was fun, hard, stressful, i had to do something in a short time, i had to push my limit, get out of my comfort zone, and a bad past experience that almost led me to depression.
Family and friends were very helpful to achieve something !

now i am heading to Topogun <3 make a clean game ready topologie, not very intended for animation, then road to substance painter and other textures authoring tools !
the next step would be sculpting a realistic freeman face =) then i can tell that i have achieved my goal, something organic and hardsurface in one artwork !

thank you guys, i hope you enjoyed it, and sorry for my English, i hope you can see the pain i have been through !
See you next time in this same topic with more updates on how retopologie and texturing are going !


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