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  • kevAkom
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    kevAkom polycounter lvl 2
    Hey friends,
    Been lurking the forums for many years now and decided to make an account. See y'all around!
  • Eclixpe
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    Eclixpe polycounter lvl 3
    Hello people! I'm about to graduate and a 3D generalist myself, but hope to polish my skills to a more professional hi-poly concept art/modeller.

    Glad to be part of this community of very passionate artists. See you around the forums!
  • JadeCrosby
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    JadeCrosby polycounter lvl 5
  • JohnJefferson
    New member here! I finally figured out how to activate my account thanks for this useful information. It takes time for me to find the reason why I can't post in any threads and know here I am this is my first post and I think I'm in the right place. :) Call me Target guys that's my Code-Name in Call Of Duty and Modern Combat 5. :)
  • Safouen
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    Safouen polycounter lvl 4
    Hellooooooooooooooooo :D
  • troubleonsaturn
    Hi Polycount! My name is Ryan Mclean, I'm a level artist living and working in Montreal Quebec, 
  • dylan_amos
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    dylan_amos vertex
    Greetings! My name is Dylan Amos and I am a environment artist. In just a few months I'll be graduating CSU Chico with a BA in Computer Animation and Game Development, so I'm pretty excited! I've lurked around on Polycount for quite a while, but, haven't gotten around to posting any of my work. That changes today!
  • frekky12
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    frekky12 polycounter lvl 2
    Hi Polycount! My name is Fredrik and I've just graduated from university studying Computer Generated Imagery. I'm an aspiring 3D Artist and I'm really keen for people to give me feedback on my work. My website is fredriksimons.com. Have a wonderful day!
  • 2busychild
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    2busychild polycounter lvl 3
    I am 2d/3d artist from Montenegro.
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    JAKEALEXDUN polycounter lvl 3
  • Felixvivier
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    Felixvivier polygon
    Hi there, My name is Felix Vivier.

    Decided to join today after years of lurking because i decided to connect more with the community !

    I do animations and will be posting mainly on the animation section my future work :) See ya !

  • seeker
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    seeker triangle
    Hello! I go under the alias "Seeker" and I'm a fresh 3D & Animation student who can't wait to explore the suburbs of this forum and come witness to all the fantastic works that I (hopefully) can come close to creating in a year or two!

    I primarily kept to 2D artwork ahead of starting this study, but hopefully I'll be able to produce more 3D works to post on this site eventually.
    Cya around!
  • monodog
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    monodog null
    Hi everyone! My name is Ali Glen I'm a character artist living in Scotland. I've been checking out the forums quietly for a while and now I want to be a lot more involved in the community and get some feedback on my work. Cheers!
  • LeighKimmer
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    LeighKimmer polycounter lvl 3
    Hello I'm Leigh, an aspiring 3D artist :) Very very glad to be here inside such a friendly and supportive community. 
  • nbanezart
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    nbanezart polycounter lvl 5
    Greetings Polycount!  I'm primarily an environment/prop and vehicle artist.  I've been around since... I think 2015? But didn't really post much, until I found the sketchook thread.  I've long been hesitant to post for a while, but realized I need the feedback from other artists, and what better way than to show it and get a critiques than here?

    I want to be more active online, so here I am.

    I mainly work in 2D, but have gone into 3D modeling.  I've got the basics to 3D modeling and texturing but would love to improve.
  • MoonYeah
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    MoonYeah null
    Hello my name is Florent aka MoonYeah, i landed here cause i started exploring the 3d realm in hope to become a professional.
    I hope to participate as much as i can in this community that was recommend to me by some fellow artists.
  • Vadmos
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    Vadmos polycounter lvl 2
    Hello fellow digital artists and dreamers, let's have fun and help each other grow in Polycounting
  • Matchiine
    Hello everyone! I'm Catherine, currently a student trying to get my skills up in 3D graphics and environment art. This forum has been a great help and resource for me, but I've never actually posted before. Hoping to learn even more by participating more actively :smile:

  • DeltaHexagon
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    DeltaHexagon polycounter lvl 2
    Hello, Polycount! c:

    I'm a 2d/3d artist who's finally gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time and am trying my dang hardest to get back into doing what I love again: makin' monsters. This place looks fantastic and cruising through the newsfeed on the main page is such an amazingly inspirational adventure. Everyone here is so awesome, I look forward to being more active here as time goes on.
  • Jello_Fox
    Hello, I am David, but you can call me Jello Fox. I am a self taught sculptor, programmer, artist and I'm looking for ways to improve my skills as well as make a living off them if I get good enough. I like what I've seen of the forum so far and am happy to be able to join.
  • Hommli
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    Hommli null
    My name is Emanuel. I'm ready to learn and share! Been thinking about getting in to the game industry a long time. Now it's time to take the step! But first I need to make awesome art, get inspired by this amazing community and take on challenges!
  • handclaw
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    handclaw null
    Well, hello everyone!
    I am Arthur, a graphic designer who draws in his free time, and with a huge interest in game design and art. While I do dream to work in the game development some day, as of right now I seek to improve my skills as I've got a lot to learn. While I slightly played around a bit with 3D, I really do mostly 2D artwork.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to join this community and I hope I can learn a thing or a dozen. :smiley:
  • goodmelody491
    Hello, my name is Melody and I just began learning how to create 3D models. I'm interested in animation and rigging as well as game development. Art in video games always fascinated me ever since I was a child, and I enjoyed learning and going through the process of creating models etc. in video games in my free time during school and now at work.
    I do this as a hobby, but I'm aiming to have the skills of a professional one day.

    I hope to improve my skills as well as getting into the community!
  • Owul
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    Owul null
    Hi, I'm new to these forums. Thought this would be the perfect place to introduce myself. 
    Like most here I've been interested in making games since I could remember. Especially the more experimental and indie stuff. AAA is cool too. I did graduate from school for Computer Animation back in 2008 so I'm rusty as all hell. Got sidetracked. 

    See you around. 

  • MochiProcrastination
    Hello Everyone!! Newcomer here, I joined this site because, i really wanted to try working with a different community, and try new things! 

    I'm currently an architect, comic artist, novel writer, 2D animator, concept and character designer.

    I want to apply these skills to gaming themes as it's something I've always wanted to do, but never really had the chance to do.

    Can't wait to post here and chat with community. I'm already inspired by the standard(of art), kindness of fellow Artists and inspiration here!

    So Yeah! XD
  • Milinkre
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    Milinkre polycounter lvl 3
    Hello All,
    I am a Full Sail Graduate, my focus was in Character creation and design for Video Games. I am still a work in progress and I am trying to improve myself daily. I  have not been posting online or getting constructive criticism so my hope is that through working and posting here I can improve. I hope that one day I can join the game community as a creature artist! I am looking forward to communicating with all of you!
  • friedwelf
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    friedwelf polycounter lvl 2
    Hey everyone,

    Been lurking on here for about a week and posting in the 3daily challenge, but I forgot to introduce myself! I am relatively new to 3D and have been using the great resources on this site to improve my technique, and in the process have been really inspired by the artists on here. Looking forward to connecting with this great community.

  • lulrik
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    lulrik null
    Hi !

    I'm curious and trying to learn somethings. Sorry for short text, but i'm not familiary with english, i'll do my best.

  • cisneroskat
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    cisneroskat polycounter lvl 4

    I'm Katherine and I'm a 3D environment artist that is ready to break into the industry! I'll be posting my work so let me know what you think. 
  • Democles
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    Democles polycounter lvl 5
    Howdily doodily neighborinos!
  • Blindness
  • iascollege
    Hello Friends,

    I am new on this forum website.
  • Ninami
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    Ninami null
    Hello! I've been lurking this forum for a long time so it's time to post something as well. I have studied game technology and I started 3D modeling only few years ago. I like hand-painted texturing style so that's what I want to do.

  • Lilium
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    Lilium triangle
    Hey everyone!
    My name is Alicia, I'm a french canadian who just finished her master in architecture and decide that what would make me the happiest in life is becoming an environmental 3D artist. When I was 14-15 I was part of a great community of graphists and this is why I am here. I need a community to help me learn and improve, so feel free to contact me and/or criticize my work. I don't know a lot of people in this field but I wish we all could learn together. :)
  • Svyat
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    Svyat polycounter lvl 3
    Hello my name is Svyat Lykhosherstov, I'm a character artist, I just graduated highschool last year and now looking into pursuing a 3d career as a freelancer
  • ShockaPop
    Hey! What's up?

    I just came here to learn stuff.
  • namiru22
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    namiru22 null
    Hey guys, couldn't find a decent introduction site so I thought that I could do that here in a small post. 
    Name's Daniel, I love 3D art and also have a thing for 2D art as well. I'm nowhere a professional and I do make a lot of mistakes when creating my own art so hopefully some of you might help me out in that and hopefully you're not too annoyed if tend to ask more questions than I actually should, so I apologize in advance  :D
    Hopefully we can chat soon! 
  • Sublimestudio
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    Sublimestudio polycounter lvl 4
  • analogmonkey
  • Gibby1995
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    Gibby1995 polycounter lvl 4
    Well Hello there!!!
  • Alchemical
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    Alchemical polycounter lvl 2
    Hello everybody! Im a student hoping to work in Animation or Video Games, I do a bit of everything atm but prefer 2D Painting, making designs and concepts. Hope to talk to you all soon! :)
  • GlyphMasterson
    Hey Everyone, my name is Todd, and I'm a Community Manager for Veewo Games.  A bit about me personally though: I love video games, comic, TV and lots of cartoons and anime. I even write my own comics that you can view at Guardians-Comic.com. Thank you for letting me join your community, and I hope to talk with you all soon!
  • RebeccaDonaldson

    Hi – I’m Rebecca and I’m (not for much longer before graduation) a student studying Computer Games Modelling and Animation, with a particular interest in Environment Art. I hope to do my best and improve my skills! 

  • aryarie
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    aryarie triangle
    Hi all :) I'm not a student, but I'm learning to model in my spare time after work and such. I've been working my way through some tutorials and things for the past couple of months and I'm enjoying 3D a lot more than I thought I would (I've always been a little bit intimidated by it all in the past...)

    I'm really looking forward to learning from all the artists here. :)
  • Dayol
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    Dayol null
    Hi Polycounters !
    I'm Alix, former 3D student and in love with environment art !
    I must leave my school for some reasons (who said money ? :)), and i'm now in a 6 months free time period to work on my portfolio.
    I'm looking forward to see everybody's work, and learn from all in here ! Cheers !
  • liketotallyakid
    hello! i love 3d modeling and CG in general :#  I want to become a better artist, so i was wondering if i can post some art here to get feedback and critiques. Please let me know if this is the right place, and what i need to do to post a thread :) All the best!
  • PiccoG
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    PiccoG polycounter lvl 4
    Hello guys! My name is Picco and am a 3D artist looking for work and to officially join this community! 
  • Aserlol
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    Aserlol polycounter lvl 5
    Hi! So happy to be part of the community!!
  • AfroCenTech
    Hiya, been a lurkers of  game develepment forums for many years.     From GarageGames.com to GameDev.net.  Now ive come to lurk here too ;)
  • ohne
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    ohne null
    Hi, forgot to do this introduction earlier. I'm Bruno and I'm an aspiring 3D artist. After working in IT for 10 years I decided to go on sabbatical and concentrate on learning more 3D techniques. I feel now it's time to get more active in the CGI community, and meet and discuss with likeminded people.

    Greetings from Belgium!
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