Bugs! We got 'em!


Please post all your bug reports here. Anything wrong with the forums, we want to know about it. 

We think you want to be informed about what's going on with the forums. In that spirit, here's a list of all the problems we know about (so far!) with the new forum software. We'll update this list as we find new ones.

We are actively working on fixes, and plan to have these solved in due time. But here they are so at least you can avoid stepping in poop. It's also to let you know WE know, and that we care. Awwww... <3

Bugs we know about so far, in no particular order:
  1. BBCode parser is not working.Vanilla website says BBCode should be automatically converted into their markup. It's not working here on Polycount. (Won't fix. We would have to switch to BBCode mode, which is just too broken to use. WYSIWIG editor mode, even though it has a few quirks, is the best option right now.)
  2. PNG file size increases when using the "Attach image/file" image button (in the formatting bar above the text field). (Won't fix. Uploaded images must be stripped for security reasons.)
  3. If an image is larger than 1024 pixels wide, the left side is cropped off, when attaching it via the "Attach a file" link, which is below the text editing field. (button removed)
  4. Drag-n-dropped images sometimes cause a persistent blue upload bar. After the upload is complete the blue upload bar stays visible at the top of the text field. When you click Post Reply, the blue bar remains persistent above the Quick Reply area. Only a force refresh (Ctrl F5) clears the blue bar. (fixed)
  5. Drag-n-dropped JPGs are re-compressed smaller than the originals... 264kb original becomes 87kb when downloaded, and 192kb original becomes 143kb when downloaded. (won't fix, ask if you want all the gory details)
  6. When creating a Warn message, text cannot be formatted using the formatting bar above the text field. Bold, Italic, inserting URLs, nothing works. Blockquotes are not preserved either. However, it does work if you paste raw html formatting in non-html mode. (fixed)
  7. Sketchfab embed in the News page only shows "model" text, not a thumbnail of the embed.
  8. Duplicate posts from spam filter. When a member is Not Verified, and their post is caught by the spam filter, they see a small warning similar to "This post is being moderated". Often these members try to re-post their original thread. This causes multiple copies of the same post to appear in the Spam Queue. When the member is finally Verified by a moderator via the Queue, all their duplicate posts then appear in the forum.
  9. Social connect buttons in Profile are broken. Edit Profile > Social > Connect. The three buttons for connecting Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are broken. Each creates an error message. (fixed 5/31)
  10. CSS errors for small width browsers. Several webpage formatting errors. Can be seen especially on mobile, but also on desktop when resizing the browser window:
    1. "Advertisement" not next to banner ad. (fixed 6/10)
    2. Banner ad cut off. (fixed 6/10)
    3. Bookmarks, Messages, and Notifications are inaccessible. (fixed 6/10)
    4. Post formatting tools are missing. 
    5. Fixes in progress, see Forum layout updates.
  11. Sketchfab button puts embed in wrong post. When editing a post, the sketchfab button will embed the content in the Reply field, instead of in the post you are editing. (fixed 6/16)
  12. Sketchfab doesn't embed in Send Message. The embed turns into a text link "model". (fixed 6/16)
  13. Right-click in Reply field after using Quote. After pressing the Quote button, every right-click in the Reply field invokes another Undo in the Reply field. (fixed 5/31)
  14. Sketchfab embed removed by post Edit. If you embed a Sketchfab in a new post, the embed works fine. However if you Edit a post with a Sketchfab embed in it, the embed is removed and cannot be re-embedded. (fixed 6/16)
  15. Notification emails are sometimes sent with a forum link using https instead of http. Opening the https link causes an error message in the browser.
  16. @ mentions are broken by line returns. If you start a post with the @ symbol and a username (a mention) and press the Enter key to autocomplete the username, the forum adds a space character and a semicolon. The space character breaks the mention because it is added onto the end of the username. (fixed 5/31)
  17. Code paragraphs are badly formatted.
    1. At symbol @  should be escaped.
    2. Pound symbol #  should be escaped.
    3. Text should not be so dark.
    4. Syntax coloring should be supported.
    5. Scroll bars (vertical and horizontal) would be helpful. (fixed 6/4)
  18. Editing is not WYSIWYG. Post formatting appears differently in new post vs. edit post. They should look the same, and should both be WYSIWYG. Same with editing Signatures, posting Private Messages, Warning a member, etc. Anywhere you can format text, it should be WYSIWYG. For example, spoilers don't appear in Edit mode... Type some text, press the Spoiler button, and the formatting does not appear, even though it is present. There's no way to edit where it starts/ends. Users think the Spoiler button doesnt work, because there's no visual feedback. We can use the Preview button, but that makes editing very difficult.
  19. Drafts are not saved for Conversation replies. I am writing a reply but Vanilla is not saving a draft of my post. No draft means if I accidentally follow a link in the same tab I lose my text. Drafts also allow editing a reply on another device.
  20. Smilies/emoji force a line break. See the heart above. It should be inline instead. (fixed 9/18)
  21. (same as # 18)
  22. Youtube embed causes a lightbox error when the video is clicked on to start playback. Lightbox covers the video with a semi-transparent black box which says "The image could not be loaded." The video starts playing in the background. Clicking outside the lightbox closes the lightbox and the video keeps playing.  (fixed 6/16)
  23. Embed a Sketchfab model after some text and press "post reply": the embed is rearranged to before the text and on the same line.  (fixed 6/16)
  24. Smiley popup keeps nagging the user, if there is a colon preceded by a space character. Example: http://i.imgur.com/cfhJdBA.gif (fixed 6/17)
  25. Ranks are missing in some users' post headings. (fixed 6/20, solution here)
  26. Poll in a closed thread should not be vote-able.
  27. User Title is showing old rank titles in some users' Profiles, which looks like a duplicate rank. (fixed 8/10)
  28. Main forum list shows broken thumbnails. (fixed 7/5)
  29. Online/offline status is broken in posts, always shows Offline.  (fixed 6/16)
  30. (same as # 20)
  31. Spoiler removes ordered/unordered lists.
  32. Missing icon for Sketchfab embed button at far right end of editing toolbar. (fixed 8/10)
  33. Quote doesn't notify the person being quoted. Should have an option to enable/disable this in Notification preferences.
  34. Quote doesn't create a valid link to the person's Profile.

Sept 18 2016, fix for 20.
August 12 2016, updates for 1 & 2, fixes for 27 & 32.
July 5 2016, fix for 28.
June 20 2016, fix for 25.
June 17 2016, fix for 24.
June 16 2016, fix for 11, 12, 14, 22, 23, 29.
June 11 2016, added 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.
June 10 2016, fix for 10.
June 7 2016, fix for 17.
June 5 2016, added 26.
June 4 2016, added 25.
May 31 2016, fixes posted.
May 5 2016, added 24.
April 30 2016, added 23.
April 25 2016, added more info to 21.
April 7 2016, added 22.
April 6 2016, added 21.


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