Polycount is out of the Dominance War contest, doing our own contest

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Hey everyone,

It's bitter sweet for me at the moment, as I just notified Fred that Polycount (that is, our Forum) will not be participating in the Dominance War contest. They say that creating great art isn't about the final product but the journey that led you there. Unfortunately, the final product was always great but the journey itself was a bit rocky.

Before I continue, let me say this: I've closed this thread. We're not sure whats happening with Dominance War. We were told it would begin days ago and since that date haven't heard a peep. It's unfortunate, but we're moving on.

We do know, however, that any belittling of Fred or his efforts to run a contest will result in an immediate ban from Polycount. Cool? Moving on...

The Bitter:

We decided to pull our Forum out of the DW Contest for one major reason: Not because of the 'delays', we can understand that those happen. But rather, it is because of the abundance at which they occur and our inability to help move things forward. We'd much rather put that sort of effort in to our contest so that if things go wrong, its in our control to fix it and not someone elses.

Does this mean you cannot enter in the Dominance War if you so choose so? Absolutely not. You're more than welcome to participate, but it will have to be with another community. Saying that, though, we believe you'll want to stick around at Polycount...

The Sweet:

We will be running our own contest that we'll be launching here shortly. And we think you'll love it: It's for character *AND* environment artists.

Yes, both.

Details about the contest right now will be scarce, but allow me to whet your appetite:
  • We're aiming to start it as soon as we can.
  • It's for characters & environments.
  • It will be a tournament that begins with public voting.
  • It's array of themes & styles is very broad.
  • If there are any prizes, they will be small. We don't make art for t-shirts & gift cards, we do it because we love what we do and a community collaboration of this caliber of talent is priceless.

That's it for now. Myself, Emil, Ryan and Drew are working hard to get our contest out to you very soon. Until then, sit back, check out some amazing art work, and get ready for a doozy of a contest.


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