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[P&P] - What are you working on? 2008 Edition


  • Jeremy Lindstrom
  • Eclipse
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    Eclipse polycounter lvl 14
    Thanks a ton mat, odium, and slipstream. Odium, I originally had it sharper and I agree it would have looked better, but that map was causing some seem problems so I had to change it up quickly because the deadline was around the corner, so it doesn't have the full effect sadly.

    Also, Havok, I really like the style of your model, he looks cool. I am curious what you have planned for the textures.

    And mat, killer work! He looks really cool and unique, kinda reminds me a tad of a burmak, but that could be becaue I have GoW on the brain after working on this guy for long :P.
  • Popeye9
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    Popeye9 polycounter lvl 14
    Eclipse nice job on the sack boy I love it. :)
  • seforin
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    seforin polycounter lvl 12
    matt: EXTRA HERSEY!

    Its looking good, I was about to start a project of a space marine for my next upcoming character after I get around to finishing my knight . hmm maybe i'll make a angry marine.
  • Ninjas
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    Ninjas polycounter lvl 14
    Nice lamp Vrav. Looking forward to seeing how the texturing comes out

    Havoc: Toes look a bit off to me. Otherwise good
  • Vrav
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    Vrav polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks Aubery, I'll get started.

    Eclipse, nice - I was looking through the minicomp thread at GA with my non-artist sister last night and she liked your best because it's so soft and smooth-looking. Good job. :)

    mat, you must finish this.

    edit: welp, normals are okay - got to fix a couple "wavy lines"
    It's not a lamp at this point, just a hefty 8ft bludgeoning object - thwack
    Really wish some parts were more detailed; guess I'll do it in the textures...
  • renderhjs
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    renderhjs sublime tool
    been working on my online portfolio solving the technical side:
    this is how it looks in flash (70 %)

    online link:
    right now you can only move the mouse- the animation of the flaps on the side are linked to the mouse position. The page bending is scripted and not animated,- it has some basic collision detection.

    for this project I wrote another maxscript in max 9 to export vertex animations from 3dsmax (from any poly object with any modifiers) as a custom binary file.
    Vertex positions are compressed with a animated object,- the engine supports n-Gons (no triangulation, less faces = more performance). The format is targeted to be xtra tiny for fast online loading usually below 1 KB.

    I posted about the concept some time ago but I guess it went under

    will create a propper thread once the real page flipping works,- together with all the concept, content ect.
  • Pedro Amorim
    amazing man!
    what cant you do?
  • Armonio
    I am currently working on finishing my first ever project (which, is huge, I might add), that I had actually dropped a month into it. I'm aiming for a "Gears of War" type technology and grime feeling to it, situated on a prehistoric planet (Like Jurassic Park :D), which is inhabited by a crazed scientist who captures T-Rex's and Raptors and conducts experiments such as bio-engineering, cryogen (seeing if reptiles can successfully recover from a prolonged sleep) and numerous "armor augmentations".

    The point of the project is to help develop my modeling, rendering, lighting and compositing skills all the while creating a scene that I enjoy and am proud of.

    Anyways; here follows the terrain (WIP environment), props, models etc etc

    I know that looks like a wheel, but I'm not completely satisfied, so I may change it, and with it textured it will look much better, and more "hi-tech"
    All are WIPs. One of my new year's resolutions is to complete this project with time to spare.
  • Laheen

    meh, low poly choji. was bored, did it for the lulz.
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