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The Bi-Weekly Substance Challenge (Challenge 1 & 2)

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3DKyle interpolator

Hello everyone, welcome to the Bi-Weekly Substance Challenge. 
Like the previous challenge that was ran by Tejay, this is going to be running everyone 2 weeks to give people a little longer to work on the materials.

How it works
  • Every 2 weeks a new reference will be shared to be recreated, you are also encouraged to find your own reference, as long as it still fits the topic for that bi-weekly substance, for example if we share a mud reference, you can gather you own mud reference. 
  • You can be creative with the reference and make it look either realistic, stylized or hand-painted, it is up to you.

  • Try and give constructive criticism, giving and receiving this should help each of us artist grow.
  • This is a Substance Challenge, so stick with that software.
  • You can post Wip's and finished materials here. 
  • Don't share work you've done in the pass, if you done a material before, try it again don't try pass old work off as something you did for this. 
  • Final material renders to be rendered in a real-time engine (Marmoset, UE4, Unity, Cryengine, Stingray, IRay is also accepted).
  • This is a learning experience for all, don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • Learn all that you can and do share what you also learn. 
  • Please be respectful to each and everyone. 

We have a channel in the Allegorithmic Discord group where you can share WIP's and final images as well as discuss the challenge, Click here to go to it.
If you have any other questions in relations to any of the Allegorithmic's software, use the appropriate channels for those questions.


Challenge 1 - Bricking it! (Brick Wall) || Time Limit 30th Jan - 14th Feb.
Every portfolio needs one. Click the pictures for bigger resolutions.


Challenge 2 - A marble-ous texture (Marble) || Time Limit 15th Feb - 1st March.
Be free with this, make a single marble texture, make marble tiles, just loose your marbles and have fun! 

Next Challenge

For those finishing up the marble and brick, make sure to keep them in this thread. 


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