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SCB and members of the community have taken over admin duties on the art jams, thanks so much guys, heres to the new and improved art jam :)

If it's ok with everyone, I would like to take over running the Art Jams for a bit. I think it's important to keep this going. katana, LordSebbington, and myself reviewed the suggestions made on this thread and talked to some other polycounters who would like to take part, and we have decided on some themes which I have writen below.

We also noticed there was a divide between people who wanted to use this as a short weekend project (just for fun) and people who want to spend a bit longer (perhaps to make something for their portfolio). For this reason we have set a main theme (1st title) which will run over the two weeks, and two sub-themes (2nd and 3rd title) which will run over the first half and second half of the two weeks. These are not rules, but options to help people get the most out of this Art Jam.

Here are the themes we have at the moment and their respective dates;

14th June - Warhammer - wk1: Fantasy, wk2:40k
28th June - Shadowrun - wk1: Magic, wk2: Technology
12th July - Aliens - wk1: We Come In Peace, wk2: We've Come For Dinner

We have a load more topics prepared, so if people seem happy with this set up after a few weeks we will add some more to the calendar!

Just to be clear, the main theme, for example 'Warhammer', will take place over both weeks, so people can enter anything under this theme. The sub-themes, for example 'Fantasy' and '40k', will be optional challenges for people to complete within the first and second week ('Fantasy' for the 1st week, '40k' for the second week).

We are currently operating a rotational system for who ultimately decides the themes. I've chosen Warhammer for the first two weeks and I'll be responsible for helping start and oversee the Art Jam on while this theme is on. katana will help out with the Shadowrun theme, and LordSebbtington with the Aliens theme. We'll keep switching who picks the themes every two weeks, so if anyone wants to get involved in this rotation let me know!


hello, so a few changes for the art jam, gonna try out some new things to make it a bit easier for people and hopefully get some more peeps turning up. The themes are gonna change every 2 weeks and now on a monday instead of a friday so you can have the weekends to finish stuff up a bit more. Im gonna try and bring the themes in a touch so they are not so free and will hopefully help people out a bit more.

Hi guys and gals :)

Welcome to the unofficial polycount 'ART JAM,' every week a new topic will be released and its completely up to you how you interpret it. Artists of every kind are welcome to participate, be it concept artists, character artists, environments, prop artists etc. If you wanna draw then draw, you wanna sculpt then sculpt, you wanna model then model get the picture haha. Just post all your shots in this thread.

In essence it is a light hearted and extremely friendly art jam that we can all use to push ourselves that little bit further and have a lot of fun along the way. It's basically a repeat of the daily sculpting challenge I ran on Gameartisans a few years back which was a rip off of lunch crunch haha. Just this time instead of having a few days we have a whole week to put as much time in as we want. The themes are also there to give people the opportunity to try different art styles if they chose and it's something professionals rarely get the chance to do when they are locked into an art style for 2-3 years so should give a bit of freedom to all......I hope.

My advice to people is don't bite off more than you can chew, don't try to go for a whole character unless you have the time, maybe start with a bust or if any environment guys join in, a small scene should be ok or even just a prop. its mainly designed so if you have a spare hour or two through the week then you should be able to knock something out rather quickly.

Those of you wanting to do zbrush timelapses (really cool) here's a quick tutorial on how to record stuff.

Every Friday I will post up in big letters what the new topic is and we will all go from there

here's the themes we have at the moment and their respective dates;

25th January - Dishonored
1st February - Ghibli (in time for Ni No Kuni Europe release) page 9
8th February - Vigil was AWESOME page 14
15th February - iOS/Android page 17
22nd February - Comic Books page 19
1st March - Bioware page 21
8th March - Cartoon shows
15th March - *Female Leads* special
22nd March - the world of Bioshock (In time for Bioshock Infinite)
29th March - Gaming Icons
8th April - street fighter
22nd April - Creature Box
6th May - Borderlands
20th May - Brink
3rd June - Movies

any issues guys just ask on here or PM me, future themes are not set in stone yet :)


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