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dDo beta is OUT!


Beloved Polycounters!

I'm beyond nervous to release this, but...

dDo is OUT! dDo is a tool for speeding up everything repetitive about texturing, to enable a greater focus on design, polish and things that really matter. The idea is to provide a tool that pops into the standard texturing workflow, enabling automation without taking away control. Everything about dDo should always be customizable down to the detail!

There's now an open beta for everyone to play with! It'll last for little over two months -- or more, if everything turns out to be super broken :D Bear with me!

[ame=" Beta is OUT! - YouTube[/ame]

I really hope you have alot of fun with this tool! There's so much left to add and bugs to kill, but this should at least get you going -- more to come, let's keep it at that :D

Some links to get you started:

dDo site
Feature overview (good ol' text)
Support forum


Lastly, a major shoutout to the following people who all helped make dDo into what it is:

Ryan Hawkins for all the support and in-your-face honesty.
Tor Frick for the awesome art.
Pior Oberson for all feature suggestions and exemplary bug reports.
Paul MoP Greveson for providing constant feedback in the early stages of development.
Patrik MAD Karlsson for being there from the start with god-sent feedback.
Sebastian Lindorff for the never-ending stream of valuable input.
Alvar Pernroth for the endless discussions that ended up completely changing dDo.


Let the good times roll :D
- Teddy @ Quixel


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