The Huntress


done I guess, more about this on last page




So... I'm pretty obsessed with northern themes, and this is something I've wanted to do for a while. I also haven't made a proper female character in years, so that's another reason to do this. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from stuff like Skyrim, Game of thrones, The Witcher 2 and so on.

Here's where I got to with a concept:

The concept of a female hunter is very over done in all forms of media, but I feel I can do this in a way that will make it a lot more interesting. For starters I really want to emphasize the fact that she survives harsh cold conditions of the North and give her the appropriate clothing and gear and not fall victim to the fantasy cliche of showing midriff/cleavage just for the sake of it.

I also want to challenge myself to create convincing fur and hair that isn't perfectly straight or a a single blobby mesh. :)

She will also have a Dog/Wolf Companion and sort of a kindred spirit type thing, Although I'll decide if I really wanna do this later.

I also have some stuff I wanna do with snow later on, which I keep thinking about. Imagine her with the cap being made of Mink fur and having snow specks resting on the top of the fur tips. (a bit of a weird thing to mention....but..yeah, snow will look cool!)

So here's a closeup of where I am so far, I'm not going to try and go dead on with the concept as there's a lot of stuff I'm not really able to capture in 2d but will be able to improve with the model. :) That said the face will go through quite a lot of iteration and I'm currently not too happy with how it is at the moment from a distance


I've blocked out the rest of the model and I'm cracking on with the rest of the high poly soon. :)

I'll try to post updates regularly. If you guys have any comments or feedback I'd love to hear it. :)




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