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Hi All,
I have been working towards building a VR game where you can completely disassemble and repair first generation mazda miatas. Building every component of a car is a massive task - There are a few hundred unique parts + a library of re-use parts (mostly fasteners). Over the last 6 months I have developed a scanning/modeling workflow that allows me to quickly create high quality art.

Photogrammetry does a really good job of capturing rough/cast surfaces but also allows me to build parts that are dimensionally accurate. With this in mind I can approach each part as a separate project and be assured that bolt holes will be perfectly aligned the whole car is assembled.

Right now my workflow looks like this:
1) Disassemble parts into their minimum number of components
2) Spray surfaces with multiple colors of matte spray paint, if I don't want to ruin a part I will use developer spray which can be wiped off.
3) Scan with my photogrammetry setup and process in reality capture
4) Manually remodel any parts that need to be perfectly clean. Things like mating surfaces and highly polished/machined surfaces
5) Combine scan data and manual modeling for a final high poly model
6) Generete a low through mostly automated methods - Zremesher and pro optimize modifiers
7) Bake model and then apply a library of smart materials in substance painter

Some of the work I have done so far:

Front Upright with hub nut, dust cap, and wheel studs:

Front Hub:

Front upper control arm:

An raw scan of front lower control arm:

A low poly workflow test done with raw scans- these scans were done as a test before I separated these objects into their components and re-scanned them.


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