Marmoset Viewer IS OUT!



  • EarthQuake
    Revel said:
    Joe mentioned before regarding the world space normal on Marmoset Viewer, it tell much of a correct normal info to people that looking at it, tangent space would show 'seam' to our eye even though it's not appear on the final shading, due to countering the smooth groups etc and also it's just gonna shows purple on most of the area and it looks less interesting. Another thing is related to enabling the Viewer to rotate the world space normal with shift drag.
    Yes all of this, and to answer @Sastrei's question, no it is not possible to change this.
  • Sastrei
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    Sastrei polycounter lvl 11
    Interesting - thanks guys! I am glad the normal map also shows up on the topology view, it's very useful!
  • NodrawNT
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    NodrawNT polycounter lvl 3
    Can we expect animation and annotations just like SketchFab does ? It's something I'd really like to see.
  • FourtyNights
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    FourtyNights polycounter lvl 5
    Okay, I just want to say this. I've baked so many alright AO maps previously using either xNormal or Blender, combining both the high and low versions of AOs with varying results. Mostly just them being mediocre at the end. But now with Marmoset... first AO bake = ultimate perfection! Awesome work guys at Marmoset. Super cool baker you've got.

    EDIT: Just noticed I misclicked the thread and was supposed to post on the "Marmoset Toolbag 3.02 is Available now!" thread instead. :P Well, anyway. I appreciate the hard work you guys have put into the baker of MT3.

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