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Hey everyone. I have been working on this game called Bears Can't Drift for quite a while now and it has been through quite a lot since starting. I thought that it would be good to post up a blog on here to show off the game so here it goes.

The game originally started out as a game jam with the target being for Ouya.It took us 5 days to create the game in Unity and we created two levels.
After we released it we ended up in talks with ouya, discussing the posibility of publishing. They asked us to develop another version which we spent just under a month on. The most difficult part of development was getting the game to run at 30fps with four player splitscreen. The key to getting it working was minimizing the draw calls. Eventually we got the game down to around 12 draw calls per camera. . After completing the game we sent it too them but they ended up deciding against publishing it.

[ame=" Can't Drift Update - YouTube[/ame]


So to try and get some funding I launched a kickstarter which unfortunately didn't pan out which resulted in losing the programmer I was working with who had to move onto other things.

So with no programmer I decided to remake the game in the Unreal Engine 4 with the new target platform of Playstation 4 (I have been approved for developement and am just waiting for the dev kit to get here). I had been experimenting with it for a while and decided that I would be able to make the game using the blueprint system. So for the last month or so I have been rebuilding the game by myself with some help from freinds giving me advice and critique. Here are some shots of the newly remade Bears Can't Drift.


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