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The Great 3D Game Art Giveaway Thread!

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Come one, come all!

This is a thread which will give artists and animators an opportunity to give away free swag! I was inspired to make this thread after reading another by an animator asking if there were any good sources/resources for animators to get hold of meshes that they could use in their showreel.

I had originally suggested that the animator make friends with some artist here and they collaborate, which seems like sound logic but it's not always that easy.

And now, i've come up with a better solution!

I'm going to give away some of my characters, and i strongly urge other artists to do the same!

This is a fantastic way for artists to get their work out there, imagine that someone sees your work in an animation reel, there is no greater feeling than seeing a character you've made being given life. And more than that, it's another avenue for people to find your work when they otherwise might not have.

To answer a couple of questions:
1. No, not just characters can be donated - you can donate anything. I'd love to see some environments posted here.
2. Yes, we'd absolutely love to see our characters animated, post it up!
3. Yes, posting the rigs you've made for our characters would be awesome, for animators and for us lazy character artist types who never go beyond a simple biped!
4. Yes, if you want to disect/study the assets posted, that's entirely up to you and it's completely encouraged!

This thread will be dedicated to the free exchange of assets by artists. But that doesn't mean there aren't rules. So here they are!

The Artist giving away assets must be aware that:
  • they are essentially giving up control of the asset. once it's out there, it's out there and it's almost impossible to get it back.
  • that their work will be studied, modified, and abused by more people than they will ever know or be aware of, many people will never even show their modifications.
  • but also that as long as their work is posted here, and that they also link to their portfolio, that they are also protected in some small way from plagiarism. this is your proof that the work is yours.

People using the assets are obligated to:
  • Never use the asset in a production environment (for example, in an actual game) without contacting the original artist and negotiating sale of the asset.
  • Yes, that includes mods of existing games!!!
  • Never re-link, or mirror assets without express permission from the original artist.
  • Always credit the original artist by name, and link to their portfolio.
  • Always link back to this thread as the source of the artwork.
  • Always respect the original artists own list of restrictions or permissions, which supersede this list.

For any artists who wish to give away an asset but don't have available bandwith or space on their sites, i'm happy to offer space on my own.

List of swag!
Almighty_gir's Ork
Paul Packham's Space Marine
Felixenfeu's Leopold
Marie-Michelle Pepin's Monk
Swizzle's crazy sailor
Marie-Michelle Pepin's Witch Doctor
Stiffler's zombie
Christopher Smith's anatomy study
Gavin Goulden's Beefheart, Bishop, She 3PO, and Kamikazee StarFox
Pear's Necromancer
Yogensia's NES zapper, Shotgun Shells, Hammer, and Baseball Bat
Murray Sinclair's zombie bust
Joost Van Houtte's Toolbag2 panorama's
Basemesh Library on the Polycount wiki


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