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  • bounchfx
    Jlem - I gave it a shot but unfortunately it didn't work out due to a mix of look and poly constraints. Plus the way it fit in behind her, it has to curve to 'work'. Great idea though, thanks for the suggestion! Luckily I managed to find something I was happy with and moved on.

    quockhanhlk - thanks man! :D

    - - -

    so I just realized I forgot to post the pretty much done version. doh. I don't have images immediately ready but you can see it in marmoset HERE

    the spec/masks aren't really showing properly in the viewer so I recommend turning it to albedo only mode, but you get the idea. I will probably do another small pass on the diffuse before submit, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks in game.

    that being said, I've been working on the loading screen and it is also at a point where I am about ready to call it done. It's been quite an adventure for me since it's my first loading screen and I had to learn a lot along the way.

    I did a couple of poses/angles, but I always had a clear idea in mind of what I wanted to go for. Here's the one I chose:


    >>fast forward>>

    after painting a little, I wanted to do a value study to try to achieve a similar level of contrast as some of the valve illustrations, so I made myself a little scene to adjust in. This is an older iteration of the load screen but it demonstrates what I mean:


    lastly, here is a gif timelapse of the progress I made, starting with the first idea sketch to where I am now. I'll post the final one sometime soonish I hope, I might make a couple small touch ups on it but I don't plan to make any drastic changes.


    thanks so much for stopping by!!
  • TrevorJ
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    TrevorJ polycounter lvl 9
    great jorb mang! Cool to see the gif progress, I did the same thing for value reference with the tarot card i was working on, those Valve images are so freakin good when you start to break them down.
  • quockhanhlk
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    quockhanhlk polycounter lvl 8
    i never thought of this comparison pass, very clever step! and great work btw !
  • bounchfx
    thanks guys!

    figured I should post at least a small update. I did another little pass on the textures and some unification, as well as did the skill icons. They might get slight more touching up once I remember what I wanted to do with them. Hoping to submit sometime soonish. Been too busy on the side. Plus mothers day! uh oh! Am I right? ... hehe


  • Dilanka
    Nice work Bounch, I like how you made her hair stick out from the helmet making it part of the helmet itself. Replacing one of the banners to add in the sword + shield, nice touch. Looking great!
  • bounchfx
    Thank you Dilanka! I wanted to make sure I brought something new to the table for LC, and I'm really happy with how it turned out overall.

    That being said, it's finally submitted. You can view/vote on it here if you choose: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=447536053




    Thanks so much for looking!!
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