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ZBrush symetry not working properly

Alexis MR
polycounter lvl 6
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Alexis MR polycounter lvl 6

Hello, everyone. I've installed ZBrush, it's been a while since I used it and I planned to mess with it a bit and see if I can use it for 2D illustration. I started sculping a few things just to remember how to use it and I encounter that my symetry is off, it's not working properly. It can be a human error, as I say it has been a long time. I'm using ZBrush 2022 and I'm working on the right part of my screen (my model's left side), you can see in the images the eye is not matching and the horns on the other side are a mess.

Any idea why this can be happening and how to avoid it? Thank you!


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