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UV software for mesh with millions of hard surface polygons

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zbrush_newbie polycounter lvl 10
Hi All,

I`m wanting to uv a few cad environment models for a tech test so will be using upto 20-30million polygons, the idea is to show off tech i`m not wanting to reduce the poycount.

So i`m looking for some suggestions of a fast, low memory software package that can either unwrap or repack uv`s . Idea is to split up the scene and create texture pages for pbr materials or lighting.

So far i`ve tried Maya, 3dsmax (uv editor and uv packer), 3d coat, Pixyz Studio with varying results. I found Pixyz is probably the fastest, and 3d coat does a good effort but slow. And Maya and 3dsmax are incredibly slow in comparison, talking hours for a result.

Anyone have suggestions of something else? Just needs to load and export obj or fbx formats.


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