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For those with a chequered past - or future. RizomUV Megathread

Hi, and welcome to the RizomUV thread. 

Who, and what are we?

RizomUV is a fast, standalone  UV mapper created for speed and ease. The  currently two and a half person team is working hard to create the fastest, flattest and easiest unwrapper around.  We're LUA scriptable, and on three platforms - Windows, Mac, and Linux (in beta)
I  (Cirstyn) did a video a month or so ago showing off what Rémi and I are cooking up for the script library. We're currently working on a lightmap scipt as well as refining the Autocut script (making a set) and Substance Painter bridge

We have several bridges to other applications like Blender, Zbrush, Max, Maya, C4D, Modo and Lightwave as well as a fledgling Substance Painter bridge . You can grab them here

We currently support the following file formats: *.OBJ. *.FBX, Collada and Alembic. We are looking into other formats as well.

Our latest release is the Summer 2019 build -  RizomUV 2019.0Version 2019.0.3.gb8dea45  and we're planning a user poll in the middle of September to hear what users want in our winter release.

Feedback and/or Support
We do mean it when we say we want to build the fastest, flattest and best  UV Mapper around. Which means we're happy to hear your opinions, suggestions, bugs, irks or criticisms , here, or by filing  a ticket at support.rizom-lab.com

Social Media
We're currently on :

- as well as a fledgeling Artstation account.

And finally - we're always interested in artwork using a RizomUV UV map as their basis, or just plain cool UV maps - we're happy to show them off :-)


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