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Hey all, I just registered on these forums to join in on this contest. Anyway here we go:

Class: Pyro
Theme: Hawaiian Islands

My theme has evolved from a Summer Fun theme to a Hawaiian theme. The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanoes and are situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire so I think it fits the Pyro's personality well actually. As if he took a vacation there. Due to the upcoming deadline(and my late start) I'm just going to do melee, flare gun, hat and maybe miscellaneous if time permits. If I had more time I would definitely do a flamethrower but I can always contribute that later separately

I only have a couple ideas so far and just a little concept art to go with it but here are the ideas anyway:

Melee: Hawaiian Koa Axe
Gonna try and incorporate some volcano motif in it

Miscellaneous: Lei

Flare gun: Wooden tiki gun

In my mind I always see tikis that breathe fire so theres another thing tying the Pyro into it.



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