Crysis 2 leaked in its entirety. ffs.

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:( This is just horrible:
I have no words. Actually, I have some words- according to a thread of the Facepunch forums (which may or may not be deleted any second depending how the Facepunch server holds up), a developer build of Crysis 2 containing the full game, multiplayer and the master key for the online authentication has been leaked, and is currently freely available from all sorts of astonishingly illegal websites. This sounds like it might be a serious tragedy for Crytek. Crysis 2 was scheduled for release on the 22nd of March, so the leaked build could be dangerously close to finished. More on this as we hear it, and thanks to RPS reader James B for letting us know.

I don't know where to begin, this is terrible. I really hope Crytek makes it through this alright.


Update edit: Killzone 3 is reported to have been leaked as well. Bad times for devs. :(


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