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I'm finished Check it out wankas. Or I'll set the crocs on ya.

Oh hey! Who needs photoshop, gary's mod or any other expensive program that costs money? I DID THIS ALL FOR FREE! Cower in my awesomeness!
Programs used:
Source SDK's Model Viewer
Team Fortress 2

Alright, seeing this contest, i was compleatly thrilled! I drew up a load of plans and i'm getting started. Well, I've gotten to work on the first item. Not too shabby. I started off with Spy, theme, French Revolutionist, but I was finding it hard to stay with in the rules(have a theme), so I switched classes early on to Sniper, Outback Aussie. My Spy item will be finished and turned in on the hopes it will make it in a Community Update.

A little about me: i'm a new but dedicated fan of Team Fortress, I bought the game back in Feburary and convinced about 4 or five of my friends to buy it too. My favorite two classes are sniper and scout, and the third changes between the other characters. Other favorite games include Metal Gear Solid, SSBB, Legend of Zelda and Mario. Im a practicer of all arts. I write, I draw, I paint, I sculpt, I've even made a few plushies. About a month ago, I got Blender. Now, I've only had two items of practice before this contest, but I will try my best! :)

Any tips or tricks would be welcome for a beginner along with and other adivice you might want to give.


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