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Howdy everyone. I've been lurking here for awhile and I figured I'd give this contest a go.

Class: Pyro

Theme: The Pyro's a dirty thief!

EDIT: Current Progress:

Thanks again to everyone who helped me or offered critiques. This was way too much fun and I hope we get the chance to do it again!

I'm going to be going with the pyro because he needs a bit of love and totally not because he's my favorite class.

I'm thinking of at least making replacements for the fireaxe, flamethrower, and flaregun (Hey, alliteration!). Theme-wise I'm thinking of basing all the weapons off the fact that the pyro seems to have no problem "appropriating" items from the other classes, IE: his stylish hat that's actually the engie's missing glove. Plus he's kind of a crazy character to begin with which makes things more fun.

Starting out is a modified fireaxe that's been improved with some of the soldier's munitions. Basically it's an axe with a rocket strapped to it. If that doesn't sound awesome already then you may be reading the wrong thread. :)
I think that I may have gotten a bit too futuristic with the axe shapes here. Plus it was hard making them look cobbled together since they're just silhouettes. At the moment I like 2 and 5 the most but I'll probably try a few more ideas before I start to narrow it down.

The second that I've been juggling around is the flaregun replacement. I'm thinking that it could be much improved with some parts stolen from the engie's dispenser and the heavy's minigun. (Now I guess we know who touched Sasha.) I'm going to try and get some sketches of that one up around tomorrow.


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