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  • LoTekK
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    LoTekK polycounter lvl 17
    Nice! How's the performance compared to Clear Sky? Hasn't hit steam yet, though there's been a Stalker Ownership Check thing in my steam Tools list for the past week.
  • 3DLee
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    @Calabi It's actually an artifact detector. :) If you find an anomaly, you can pull out your artifact detector and (carefully) pick your way through the anomaly looking for the artifact. You can't see it until you're right on top of it. And yep, this game is very unforgiving, but if you carefully loot other Stalker's bodies you can get better equipment.

    @LoTekK It's about the same for me, maybe a little more optimized. I get 28-40 FPS with:
    DX10 full dynamic lighting, 90% highest settings on:
    XFX 780i SLI motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 overclocked to 3.45ghz
    8GB of overclocked Corsair Dominator RAM
    EVGA GTX 285 2GB model
    Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-express sound card
    WD Black Hard Drive
    1920x1080px 23" Samsung LCD
  • wasker
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    wasker polycounter lvl 7
    Bumping this thread with some nice screens from the new witcher game. Looks absolutely gorgeous to me! Can't wait to play it.



  • skylebones
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    skylebones polycounter lvl 10
    Holy CARP! That looks amazing!
  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    yeah that new witcher looks kick ass! the current witcher 2 on pc already looks great, here are some of my screenshots
  • vargatom
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    To be honest I believe a lot of things are wrong with the Witcher 3's graphics...

    It looks like a high pass filter was ran on all the images, removing all low frequency detail. You can't tell what the hell is going on because the shaded/lit areas aren't different enough and every part of the image has a lot of high freq detail all over it.

    Characters don't stand out from backgrounds, far stuff isn't different enough from close stuff, and so on. And then there's the color saturation which is just all over the top, and then the characters are a bit rough looking in close-ups, and so on...
  • ZacD
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    ZacD ngon master
    I wont judge the Witchers 3 graphics until I look at it in motion more, but looks a bit too sharp and noisy right now.
  • Arno
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    Arno polycounter lvl 8
    Slave_zero wrote: »
    One of my favourite oldschool strategy games. The underdog of Turnbased strategy which got lost in the wake of C&C.
    Btw: The sequell was really bad as it tried to jump on the c&c RTS train. Therefore they got rid of many features which made the first game outstanding.
    Basicly it's not a good idea to morph a game design which is optimized for turn based strategy into an rts design.

    Maybe someone remembers. Its still playable on DOSbox.


    I loved that game when I was a kid ! Good to hear it's still playable. Now I just need to get my hands on it. And a rainy weekend ;)

    Also those witcher 3 screenshots look BADASS, day 1 buy for sure.
  • Lephenix
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    Lephenix polycounter lvl 6
    Battlefront 2 (i love all it's mods and maps)!
  • Calabi
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    Calabi polycounter lvl 12
    A current game I'm playing, Rogue Legacy.
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