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[EDIT-- many of the links of the first page are gone but i've replaced most later on in the thread]

Howdy howdy everybody. Been meaning to put my stuff up to public scorn for a while here, and now I'm finally getting around to it. I'm all 2D, at least for now, and of that most of my stuff is divided between photoshop rendering exercises, figure studies, and robotzzz. I won't inundate you with my entire artistic output up to this point, just enough to make you sick and not want to come back :) Though I would totally post some 1st grade crayon drawings if I had copies.

crits always welcome.

a little love for Marvin, the paranoid android from Hitchhiker's Guide. Rest of the body isn't as clean as the head-- someday I'll fix that.

1 hour sketch of a faceted alien-ish helm. Pretty happy with this one considering the time involved.

it's Malevolo, the fortune-telling circus bot!


some figure work-- top half are all 5 minute volumetric studies, bottom is a 30 minute value study.

photoshop rendering studies. I'll tell you what materials I vainly tried to render if you ask nicely.



...and last but not least, some self portraits. Manage to look butt ugly and slightly cross-eyed in the second one, and the third one I'm still working on. And no that's not my real facial hair, but a man can dream, can't he?


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