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What Are You Working On (2D) 2022

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Share one embed of what you're working on, and give us a link to your own Topic to see more!
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  • Beanass

    Just trying to find a grip on art and find myself unique style.

    by.... copying others apparently?

  • Roxa814

    Its not finished but I am working on some concept art for a portfolio piece. I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to concept art or environment art in general but I can't but feel like the composition is missing something or that maybe there are some parts of it that should be changed. Critiques would be really appreciated.

  • ghostlycc

    Hello, here is a small glimpse at one of my projects for my MA at Herts University, I'm making a concept for a playable character inspired by the Grave's Supercomplication pocketwatch.

    My ArtStation: https://ghostlycc.artstation.com/

    My personal thread: https://polycount.com/discussion/230368/sketchbook-luc-abbott-harvey-ghostlycc/

  • d0rk

    Yippeeeee!! Have not really drawn anything in the past 4 years or so, and tbh I never understood a lot of basic concepts until I started relearning things for fun recently. Attempting an early 2000's anime thing with this but I feel like the image is pretty static and the mouth is looking off. (Also yes I effed up not drawing the background in earlier)


  • iam717
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    iam717 polygon

    why not show it right:

    based on another's work and waiting for permission, here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rA218E idk if it is in a game, or ownd by another, the original...

    made this week 1 day, tried to figure out how to make it my own, lots to do yet, while i figure out what to do between learning scriptures or continue down the path of ignoring it all, i hear we are here to do the work so that we no longer perish from my findings so, not really off topic since this is an enemy representation, so if there is a bad there must be a good, like what we are in right now. If there wasn't why do we all create these things in the 1st place? every movie has a hero, every game, an enemy to over come, why would this place you live in be any different, respawns? what could that be.. just some commentary to go along with the artistic expressions. PM me if you want a non-censored location to speak about spiritual discoveries and information, appreciate all the work all, not much traffic on the 2D side of things huh? okay, back to it then.

  • Bolovorix
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    Bolovorix interpolator

    ( WIP) Player character redesign for my project Brutal Knights which you can find more about in my THREAD

  • CentellesArt

    I'm working on this room right now for my portfolio. Hope you like it. I still have to figure out the shower design, but once I'll finish it, I paint it in base colors and I'll add some texture.

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