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What are you working on 2D? 2019!

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This is a thread to share your latest 2D work. Past threads: 201520162017, 2018
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  • JoshMatamoros
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    JoshMatamoros triangle
    and my drawing for the holydays last year
  • hendrix
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    hendrix polycounter lvl 11

    L1A1 Self Loading Rifle. 

    Vector based Artwork made in Adobe Illustrator. 

    I made it editable in that if I need to, I can swap the sights, magazine, sling etc. 

    Below is my Illustrator workstation - Im not big on fixed pallets as I like to fiddle around as much as possible. 

  • Rav3
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    Rav3 interpolator
    Didn't manage to finish, this time and box of paints going to stay in another country :(

  • aladosha
  • Finnn
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    Finnn polycounter lvl 3
    Motsar said:
    love the color palette. reminds me of cod 2 but the sherman tank is missing :wink:
  • Jahimbo
  • evelynSoa
  • Kessler
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    Kessler polycounter lvl 13
    Testing Shapr3D and Procreate workflow in iPad. 


  • EricElwell
  • Jamie!
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    Jamie! polycounter lvl 7
    Trying to do more environment work lately.

  • EricElwell
  • EricElwell
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    EricElwell polycount lvl 666
    @JoshMatamoros nice! I want to see more of this :)

    More tank stuff... churning away:

  • EricElwell
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    EricElwell polycount lvl 666
    Oh you guessed it: more tanks.

  • Sevans
  • Danbee360
  • BRCanada
    A personal capstone I’ve been planning out is creating Emond’s Field from the Wheel Of Time book series. It is a agriculture focused community where the main character begins his journey. The key elements are the Winespring, a river that begins at a natural rock aquifer in the centre of the city green, a timbered inn called the Winespring Inn which is the only tiled roof building in the town, a smithy, thatch and waddle houses/farms and a water mill. The main agriculture is apple orchards, tobacco farms and there is also wool trade. The town is built around a crossroad that has remnants of cobblestone paving from a lost kingdom of the region. The climate is akin to that of Charleston, South Carolina. This is the first of many concept pieces; the mouth of the Winespring along with the Winespring Inn. Not finished yet but it’s coming along better than expected! Pencil sketching takes a lot longer than digital art 😂
  • Millie182
    My exhibition piece for university based on a comic I created in the final semester of the course. One of the biggest and most difficult projects I've ever completed.

    "Rose tinted memories"

  • mandaroth
    Hi everyone! 
    I was just informed that I didn't get accepted to the game graphics program I applied for. 

    The school itself won't leave feedback on the portfolio due to the high number of applicants. And they do not specify what they would like to see as they want to see that the applicant knows what is expected of a good game graphics artist. 

    So I would be incredibly grateful to get some critique on my work. Perhaps I need to improve my technique or style, or perhaps my work is "too polished" for a game graphics portfolio. Right now I just don't know which direction to take my art in.  

    (Also: I'm new and this is my first post so I apologize if I've made any mistakes :# )
  • EricElwell
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    EricElwell polycount lvl 666
    @mandaroth how many schools have you applied to? I’d recommend doing as much self learning as possible. Schoolism.com is reasonable, and there are tons of free resources on YouTube if you know where to look, like Shaddy Safadi, Marco Bucci, or for more traditional try Proko, New Masters Academy. Just keep drawing daily. 

    Saw something on my drive today, tried to recapture the moment.

    Might add a cow, or a robot. Maybe milking the cow, or a cow milking a robot. Maybe some butterflies or a xenomorph. 
  • vvvvvfx
    Short 2d animations

  • stickadtroja
  • Motsar
  • LoganFeliciano
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    LoganFeliciano greentooth
    Hey everyone! Here is a recently finished painting for my project Purgareth. "To The Cinders Returneth All"
  • LoganFeliciano
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    LoganFeliciano greentooth
    @DunkSlammins Cool character! I would say to start thinking about edge control. Use hard and soft edges to dictate where the viewer should focus as well as describing textures. :)
  • EricElwell
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    EricElwell polycount lvl 666
    @LoganFeliciano I like that theme with the recurring pilot lights :)

    Here's an oldie I've returned to. Larger version in my Sketchbook

  • Stinkhorse
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