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Tip for unwrapping large surfaces like walls, floors, and ceiling of room?

Anyone here have recommendations for guides, tips, techniques, etc, for UVing a room? i.e.) floor, walls, and ceiling of a bedroom as an example.

I mostly work with props and characters, so going up to this size is kind of new to me. Obviously I know how to unwrap, but I'm looking for suggestions on how to be more intelligent with unwrapping to keep material count low as the end product is going to be deployed on mobile VR and reducing materials / draw calls is pretty key for optimization.

Most of the props designed for the room are around 2048 px / m texel density. Curious as to what's a good way (if possible) to maintain this standard for much larger geometry like the walls, floor, and ceiling of an average sized room. Like would you apply something similar to a trim sheet to your large surfaces, and then divide the mesh into respective units to fit onto a single UV tile?


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