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uvs and retopology in high poly models?

Hello, soo I´m starting a project but I have run into an issue that I do not know how to resolve. I want to make a scene in the kitchen with fruit and things like that and I´m looking to make something with high detail... I could model the fruits in zbrush but I have no idea how I would go about doing the retopology if I still want it to remain high poly as it is not for a game or something like that. I wanted to make strawberries, berries, figs, etc... so I´d have to sculpt all the small parts and the seeds and all that and I´d rather not use a normal map because I want to do a close-up. I have tried looking for tutorials on the internet but most are video game oriented and I´m a bit at a loss. Sorry if the question seems stupid, I just finished school where I was doing lots of other things apart from 3d so I´m still very much a beginner.
Thank you very much in advance!


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