[WIP] Tech Wizard Girl



  • AndresCasta
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    AndresCasta interpolator
    After fixing some issues and cleaning some artifacts with my baked maps, I decided to start texturing the skin to identify the texturing style I'm going with. I really fell really close to what I want just not really confident about the roughness of the skin at this point. I will move into the clothing and start defining the color palette better. Hope you like how it looks.

  • Optimus
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    Optimus triangle
    wish i had this much talent :). great work!
  • Lextripper
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    Lextripper polycounter lvl 6
    Optimus said:
    wish i had this much talent :). great work!
    It's not talent, it's hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

    can't wait to see this piece finished, great work on the Highpoly
  • pOgOstyle
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    pOgOstyle polycounter lvl 4
    Wish i have the willpower, the artistbackground and drawed more as a kid, can handle the struggle , got more money to spend more time for catch up the all these things :D :D :D
    No serius i am believer in TALENT cause there is so much difference how students and people deliviers in the same time and similar background - but there is allways hard work and i see this in your art! Thanks for sharing your process here - very inspiring.
  • bkost
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    bkost polycounter lvl 3
    Oh man, this is lovely work! I'm sub'd (: I'm really digging your art style.

    I'm curious, how did you go about your HP to LP bake? Did you create an entirely separate mesh which didn't include the duplicated objects (like fingers) and then explode it?

    I'm excited to see more WIPs
  • Skinner3D
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    Skinner3D polygon
    Really nice. I am confused as to why her right bicep has a design in it. Feels like you missed a spot when you were coloring the cyborg parts.
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