[WIP] Tech Wizard Girl

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AndresCasta interpolator

I haven't done any game res female character so I wanted to give it a try. I've been working on this girl for a few weeks but I wanted to share my progress and continue posting. I did this concept a while ago trying to address some of my weaknesses for my next piece those including clothing and hard surface. The idea is pretty much a wizard who uses magic and technology combined. The mech golem is the first iteration I had but I think it looks too industrial and perfect. That's why probably I'll change it because I want to make something she probably made by herself. She is gonna have an arm adaptation as well, that why I'll be able to approach mechanical model which I have no experience doing. The concept is just like the main idea I have but I'll probably be tweaking the design in the process if I see something is not feeling how I want.

Actual State:




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