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Hey fellow Polycounters!
FJTools is a Plugin for ZBrush, that will help you to organise your Subtools and speed up your workflow in general. It does so by automating repetitive tasks, or solving them intuitively.
You can find the plugin on ArtStation, Gumroad and Cubebrush.


The plugin is designed for ZBrush 2019/2020 and was thoroughly tested on a Windows machine. Mac support was verified as well, but as I do not own a Mac, I could not test it myself.
Previous versions of ZBrush are NOT supported.

Feature breakdown:

All features are explained in a mini video series, which can be found on the plugins’ ArtStation page or YouTube!


To install FJTools simply copy the "FJTools_1_5.zsc" file, along with the "FJTools_1_5_Data"-folder into the Zplugs64-folder of your ZBrush 2019/2020/2021 installation. The path should look similar to this:

...\Pixologic\ZBrush 2019[2020][2021]\ZStartup\ZPlugs64


Should you be upgrading from a previous version, make sure to delete the old .zsc file AND the corresponding data folder first. After that just follow the installation above.
Also be sure to check out thehttps://youtu.be/0ZDVoJCECyY FJTools 1.5 — Feature Highlight video, to see what has changed!

Special Thanks for the awesome feedback to:


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