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Arbor Vitae - UDK Scene [WIP]

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Hey guys,

About a month ago me and PhilipK decided to do a little collab for Unearthly Challenge, any excuse to make good art is a good excuse. Unfortunatly there's not a lot of entries this year, but we'll still finish it of course, we're having loads of fun!

So the idea is here is that Humans have colonized this planetoid and are in the process of creating an atmosphere similar to planet earth by using an atmosphere processing station. The air outside is not 100% breathable yet, but it already allows for the growth of vegetation.The whole point of this facility is to create an atmosphere, so we want to push for strong elements of O2, water and greenery!
The scene will be set inside one of the outer rooms of the station, more specifically inside one of the big control room, featuring a gigantic window with a beautiful view to the outside world, which from that angle you'll be able to see the other end of the complex, natural terrain and the sky.

We want to make use of bold colors and staying away from the same old desaturated look you typically see in sci-fi, we're also set on staying away from gritty/scary as much as possible and instead try and make the space seem like it's livable and looking almost inviting.

I started out with a concept to get the idea of the visual language we would be going for, I'm taking very strong inspiration from Doom 3 and Halo 4.


But then we decided let's mix this style with COLORS, almost like mixing a Doom meets Mirror's Edge and have a child, PhilK did this amazing paintover of the blockout:

I started making the modular textures and assets, walls, floors all that shit. Everything on the grid, texture included.

So I can just chop the assets very easily like this, and they all fit together so we can create many variations and maybe expand the level later on.

While I was doing that, Phil made an awesome blockout of the scene, using modular pieces already and started modeling the middle main area, which should be the focus of the scene. Needless to say it has that awesome PhilipK style that we love all over the place! >D
So, whith that here's our latest WIP pic with all my stuff and phils put together with the new lighting. We have two weeks to wrap this up, still a lot to do but man these next two weeks will be hella fun!


Deffo more to come, stay tuned and thanks for checking, let us know your thoughts now's the time for feedback!


Adding the final scene to this first post, feel free to check the rest of thread to check out the rest of the WIPs. :)

Guess we're calling it done now. I'll try and put together that breakdown asap and I'll then need to clean the package and release it for anyone who wants to fly around the scene.

Thanks Mapcore, Polycount, Jordan Walker for releasing his scene and allowing me to properly learn UDK, Quixel team for making nDo2 and dDo tools, and everyone who helped us with feedback! You helped it get much better!
And of course, PhilipK for kicking so much ass, it was an honor to do scene with him, this guy breathes talent!

UC_HP_PhilK_shot1 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_shot2 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_shot3 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_shot4 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_shot5 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_shot6 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_shot7 by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_extra_background by HelderP, on Flickr

UC_HP_PhilK_extra_materials by HelderP, on Flickr


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