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Hey guys, i was just wondering if you guys would be interested in basically setting up a polycount hangout.

there are a couple of technicalities i think i need to work out, for example, you would need a permanently logged in member, i'm not sure if it's possible to run that kind of thing off of a server, but essentially it would just be a user called "polycount" who is always logged in, and is always "hanging out".

the reason for this is simple:
people from polycount can join and leave this hangout as and when they feel like it. they can put up their screenshares, chat to each other, see what each other are working on in realtime etc. it's a phenominal learning tool.

the screenshare function is really very good, you can choose to share an entire screen (background and all), or just a single program (for example, zbrush). other people within the hangout can click on your screenshare and watch you work, or click someone elses... it's all good.

i dunno, it's just an idea i'm having. i'm pretty much thinking of just doing a public hangout anytime i'm sculpting now (kinda like livestreaming, but more interactive, and unfortunately without a recording function). but then whenever i'm asleep/not home my pc is off so others couldn't join that hangout. which is why a more permanent option would be nicer.

what does everyone think?

permanent hangout link here:

also, this:
I have been investigating a Push to talk solution for when in the hangouts and this nice piece of software seems to do the trick.

http://dampy.xeroxer.com/?file_id=258 - Direct Link

The only downside is that in order for it to work correctly you need to have Chrome/Firefox in focus when pressing the PTT button or it doesnt seem to register correctly.
The upside is that people won't need to hear me abusing my keyboard in the future :)


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