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Hy guys. Here is my Venomancer WIP thread. Id like to add some changes into the character. but i really dont know is this allowed. I started from drawing the concept, so i want to ask you what can i change or not. Here is the concept. I change only the tentacles for this moment. I like them. I download model and open it in 3dsMax. So model consist of separete parts like body head, small tail, ward and others. But i cant see something like this in Change list of the character. Id like to change his tentacles. More muscular arms with bone and hitin plates like bugs have, make more agressive and heavy armored body with scratches which is glowing green like acid. Only i saw in change list is:
Head, Shoulders, Back (Tail), Weapon, Misc, Ward (Ability 3).
Thats all. I cant understand how venomancer can carry weapon cause he has no arms. As i understand i cant change his tentakles (why? they will setup on the same bones.), also i cant change body? Please help. image.png


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