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zbrush into max

There is soooo many tutorials on how to get started in zbrush and not enough about how to get out of it!.


I have done a lizard mesh in max then imported it into zbrush. I used 6 subdivisions and added heaps of detail. now the question I have is.... how do I get this zbrush detail into max model so I can animate it and render it out!

I followed this youtube tutorial on how to get a displacement map out of zbrush and into max. I did it but it just makes my lizard model look like a rainbow.

I i dont even know how to render out an image in zbrush and the darn print screen btn doesnt work. sigh

I know this is suppose to be easy but Im wasting sooo much time over it. I hopw someone know what the heck im talking about.


  • Ark
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    Ark polycounter lvl 11
    You wanna look into Displacement maps if you plan to animate.
  • vcool
    If you want to simply get your sculpt into Max you could try exporting your Tool as an OBJ and importing into Max at default settings. I know what A LOT of people have issues with this, but it works flawlessly for me.

    Also if I export from Max, I just export as an OBJ at default settings and everything works fine.

    If you plan on doing this, I suggest you first snap the model to an axis (press shift while rotating). I never manage to prodict the orientation the model is going to be at, but at least when it's snapped to an axis I can always rotate by 90 degrees in Max.

    Disregard this post if I misunderstood what you wanted.
  • vincentgordon
    okay. I just spent hours trying to figure out how to do displacement maps. finally works. any of you know how to use and export polypaint feature in zbrush into max? I cant find anything on the subject about exporting it.
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 17
    You can't export it as vertexcolour (which is basically what it is) - the only way to get polypainting out at the moment is baking the colour to a texture - if your lowest subdivision is already UV-mapped then this should be easy, just use Col->Txr button in the Texture palette.
    If not UV'd then you'd need to either import a UV-mapped version of your lowest subdivision, or use the AUV or GUVTiles buttons.
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