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Ten Years of Counting Polys



  • Marcus Dublin
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    Marcus Dublin Polycount Sponsor
    Wow ten years, WTF, where does the time go! All kidding aside it's good to see this place still going strong when it's peers have long drifted "cough CG Chat, R.I.P". It would be cool ten years from now to see a Polycount school where it's alums are the professors, haha. Once again congrats guys and keep on rolling!
  • Rick Stirling
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    Rick Stirling polycounter lvl 14
    The content on Polycount has been my biggest source of knowledge. Without Polycount I might well still be working on writing SQL queries.

    I owe so many beers to so many people. thank you Rogue, Bearkub, Vito, and all those others behind the scenes for keeping this place running and putting up with all our hideous bitching.
  • Waz
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    Waz polycounter lvl 16
    Wow 10 years. It's just amazing to see how far game's and art have come in that time. What will the future hold in 10 years for us?

    How about for the logo contest, tie it in to the anniversary. Who ever wins gets their shirt printed up and sold to help support Polycount.
  • rooster
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    rooster mod
    I feel some important issues have been raised! bring back the post some cats thread and also teeshirts!
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    SHEPEIRO polycounter lvl 13
    deleted for weirdness,

    ten years of good stuff, and loads more to come
  • Chunkey
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    Chunkey polycounter lvl 18
    I've got a lot to thank polycount for, if it weren't for this forum, I probably wouldn't be in the games industry now :)

    Been a member since 1999 or 2000, and I bet like a few people, wondered WTF?! when the new look came online, but it's growing on me now :D

    It'll be interesting to see what another 10 years brings... Rorshach will probably be the old fella in the corner next to the fire, sampling fine single malts, Per geting more senile by the minute and b1ll might have learnt how to spell lol

    not got any good liquer to hand so I shall hold me bottle of flat coke up to 10 years of Polycount :D

    *humps everyone's legs* :p
  • PeterK
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    PeterK greentooth
    "Hi , I'm Epsilon, from the boards, you probably hate me, but I wanted to say hi" qouth PeterK
    from E3 199x.

    Been over ten years I've been hanging out in this place, and q2pmp before. I remember when I first submitted a protoss model and R13 bashed me for crapping on Tanner Owen's model, hehe. Damn good time all around. Cheers Drew, Cheers PC.
  • Eric Chadwick
    Many many thanks to the folks behind the scenes for keeping this going. Yes, you too Vito. As someone said earlier, it's like home around here.
  • Lee3dee
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    Lee3dee polycounter lvl 17
    Xenobond wrote: »
    We need 10th anniversary shirts for us to purchases, yes?

    I would purchase one!
  • soulstice
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    soulstice polycounter lvl 9
    im glad to be apart of this, even as a newb. =)
  • RustyFranks
    man it's been along ride... i've been here lurking and occasionally posting since ~99... this is the one forum that i've always come back to.

    so thanks to you who keep things up and running and here's to another 10
  • Jeremy Wright
    I'm glad I came across this place. The most genuine and helpful bunch of people I have every had the pleasure of communicating with across the vastness of cyberspace!

    All glory to Polycount!
  • Rwolf
    Woo! my eyes bleed :)
  • HonkyPunch
    It's been a great help to me, especially recently. I'm back to drawing out of enjoyment, not obligation.
  • bounchfx
    this site is awesome.

    I really need to start visiting more again. I've been busy with my first industry job (still not full time, if you want to hook me up that would be great though!) and everything, so I haven't really browsed around as often. I had another epiphany so I'm going to be doing a lot more personal stuff (I really gotta kick it into high gear and get a full time to support myself) so you should be seeing a lot more of me in the wip section. see you guys around.

    polycount ftw!
  • ThE_BirD
    Congrats on the first ten years and thanks to everyone who keep's this place goin' :) Met a lot of good people on PC that've become great friends outside the internets as well... <3's for Polycount!
  • Illusions
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    Illusions polycounter lvl 12
    Polycount helped get me a job too, even though I don't post much art here... :)
  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 16

    10 characters minimum post eh...

    Polycount rox0rs!
  • Thegodzero
    I like the new looks but as long as PC has the people it will always rock! Ten years wow! I think i have been around here for half of that. I love this site, and the people we have here. With out PC i would NEVER have gotten a job.
  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 16
    This thread got me thinking....and 10 years ago I made these and others which are still online:



    How fun :D Joyous day.
  • xysdf
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    xysdf polycounter lvl 11
    congrats to 10 years!!

    for myself i think it started 3 years ago, it helped me to learn stuff, helped to push myself ..blablabla.. and it helped me to get a job in the industry - thaaanks! this place just rocks!
  • Peris
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    Peris polycounter lvl 13
    Incredible, I completely forgot how old this place actually is. I only started watching these forums about 4 years ago and they have been a huge inspiration and motivator for me. Keep it going guys!
  • vahl
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    vahl polycounter lvl 14
    Those were for sure 10 years of fun and learning, thanks polycount !!!

    I wasn't there since q2pmp, I think I started on polycount around 2000 or 2001 (before the gamespy server change that reset all the join dates to 2004 :p).

    Thanks R13 and all the other admins for keeping the ship alive for us to spam with cats and toilet paper discussion !!! :D
  • Tumerboy
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    Tumerboy polycounter lvl 15
    HA HA!

    I had JUST started 3d 10 years ago. . . the oldest piece I still have is 9 years old, but here it is:

  • Asmuel
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    Asmuel polycounter lvl 12
    Yea this is awesome. I've been here since about 99', its been extremely influential on my life.

    Thanks everybody, the next ten will be even better I'm sure :)
  • rooster
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    rooster mod
    look what I found in google cache :D

    i'll see if the skin is still floating about...
    edit: i was so proud seeing this in the news lol

    Friday, 26 October, 2001 – Planet Quake News
    Eight is Enough
    18:59 PST | Pappy-R | Print News | Category: Community News
    The review team over at Polycount have put their time in and added some great new skins to their basket of treats. They start off by featuring up the Quake III grouping:

    Mutech for the Razor model, by rooster. He's good looking, strong too! - Yet he's blue!
    Selkk for the Klesk model, this too by rooster. This one looks... AaaiiiiiiiiiHHHRRGG!
    Ti for the Major model, by Ken. Gasp! - It's a stark naked female terminator!
    Magma for the Visor model, by Mortiis. Hot stuff, I tell you!
    Gratha for the Sorlag model, by Nazz. She's heavyhanded and liable to throw a tantrum!
    Did I mention they had eight new skins? Well I sure did. Here is the set of three for Quake 2:
    CTF3-Enforcer for the Enforcer model, by Spacer
    CTF3-Guard for the Guard model, also by Spacer
    Black Convoy for the Soundwave2 model, by Phantasm

    These mutha's are mean and nasty, and just in time for Halloween. All of the new additions have been reviewed toot sweet and are also available for immediate download.
  • kary
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    kary polycounter lvl 17
    Thats an incredible amount of time, and the place has become an incredible resource. Thanks.
  • Whargoul
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    Whargoul polycounter lvl 17
    Wow, it's been sooo long. I don't think I was there right at the start, but very near to it at least! I sure don't post as much as I used to, I think I was in the 1000's before the big RESET of 2004 :)

    I come here every single day, but I really should post more often!
  • snemmy
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    snemmy polycounter lvl 15
    I've been around since Q2PMP and I've never left. This place has been my browser homepage and my basis for web browsing for 10 years! Wow... I don't know what I would do on the net without it. And in the next 6 months I'll be applying for game jobs.. couldn't have done that without this place. :)
  • b1ll
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    b1ll polycounter lvl 17
    ahaha CHunkey, Ill NEVER LEARN!, but when i joined like 10years ago, I didnt speak english at all. So if my spelling suck, it is your FAULT polycount!
  • pliang
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    pliang polycounter lvl 13
    Ten years ago I was still in elementary school...its only been like two years since I've joined...

    Also I've been working in games for about couple of months now - as an environment artist.

    Thanks again to all the helpful people on board..to be honest without people looking and tearing through my work I'm prolly still making tapes.

    ...and bring back the cat thread...
  • pliang
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    pliang polycounter lvl 13
    Lets start funding polycount university for b1ll...
  • rooster
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    rooster mod
    he should be paying us!
    edit: on second thoughts if he learned english from polycount we probably do owe him some money
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    Well now, an entire decade eh.

    While I spend most of my time here mooching on the couch and occasionally getting in the way, I'm nonetheless most appreciative of you guys for saving me from the life of the checkout chick in some god forsaken retail store and helping to reduce my overall suck factor to an employable level.

    Props to the Polycount crew. Heres to another ten years.
  • Phobos
    I have to agree with everyone.

    I first discovered PC in the days of Half-Life 1..
    Trolled for quite a while, then joined. This is by far the best community of industry newcomers and veteran professionals.

    Lets hope for another 10 years.

  • skankerzero
    Congrats polycount!

    Congrats R!

    Congrats to us all!

    Been here for about 8 of those 10 years and I can't tell you how much I love this site. If it wasn't for polycount, I wouldn't be in this great industry.

    This is and will be the only 3d game forum I ever post in, unless it ceases to exist.

    Here's to 10 more!
  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter
    I remember going to a local cable company store just to use their internet access in order to post on these very boards :P I think I joined when q3a was out ...

    The 2004 reset was indeed quite something. Does someone happen to have screenshots of the various interations the forum and home website went through?
  • Vito
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    Vito polycounter lvl 13
    Many many thanks to the folks behind the scenes for keeping this going. Yes, you too Vito.

    kub and r13 definitely deserve a lot more thanks than I do. While I've lurked since it was Q2PMP (anyone remember the Perilith Knight model?), I only started helping out after the reset of 2004, by hosting the boards. Until Tuesday, the contact email address was temporary[email protected] I never expected to keep it up, but r13 maintains a hefty stockpile of blackmail information.

    In that sense, these are the real, post-reset, "new" boards.

    Regarding old colors and logos, after the reset, I looked through Google's or the Internet Archive's cache to find saved board pages, to make a lookalike color scheme. The colors and setup weren't exactly the same.

    The Polycount logo stayed constant the whole time (even the .net logo that was linked to earlier was just a shiny update), until I replaced it with the green smiley from the first Dominance War in 2006. This was the original logo:


    And, as I recall, there was a lot of bitching about the green smiley at the time. :)
  • rooster
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    rooster mod
    that logo still rocks!
  • RustyFranks
    that's still the logo i see when i think of polycount

    edit- the wayback machine is cool

    Ye Olde Main Page

    I always liked how there was a lot of information but it didn't really get to cluttered or flashy as some 'portal' like sites. I miss the tutorials... seeing as I'm a perpetual noob and quit and come back to 3d about every other year I used them alot lol.

    ah the memories (': <---- that's a tear btw....
  • Eric Chadwick
  • Eric Chadwick
    Vito, I need to send you a PM, but your box is full.
  • Em.
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    Em. polycounter lvl 10
    I'm not old school, or hardcore, or whatever, but...
    I can't say thanks enough to everyone that has made Polycount what it is, I , like a LOT of other people it seems, would be nowhere without polycount.

    Thanks to all of you who tell people that their work is bad when they think it's good, bring up their taste levels and help them improve and make it (or show them the door when they're argumentative troll asses).

    Here's to another awesome 10 years!
  • Ruz
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    Ruz ngon master
    i first posted in 1872 under the name of isambaard kingdom brunel
  • HarlequiN
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    HarlequiN polycounter lvl 14
    Good lord! 10 years!

    Happy birthday big ol' green spacestation. I owe you a lot, not least introducing me to my wife (before she was my wife obviously) and by inference being partly responsible for Tinsiquin (working title - makes him sound like a girl, poor dab).

    I'd also not be in the industry if it weren't for you, nor in my present position here in "sunny" Champaign.

    Many happy returns, and may every return rock like a mountain.
  • osman
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    osman polycounter lvl 16
    Congrats, but..no cometogether/party?
  • Malekyth
    *sniff* I love you, Polycount. Thanks for a decade of stuff.

    And things.
  • doc rob
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    doc rob polycounter lvl 18

    It's a constant costume party.
  • sledgy
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    sledgy polycounter lvl 13
    Wooohooo! 10 years...has it really been that long? Am I really this old? Le sigh. Here's to the next 10.
  • RogB
    congratulations on the 10 years chaps, you should be proud to have helped so many into the careers they have now.
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