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What advice would you give a new animation student?


I started school for animation. I'm an extreme newbie. I have mild experience with digital art in general.

The school I'm going to is providing the equipment and software for the degree. The degree is pretty fast paced where it's a class a month. I just finished the first class which was just about like starting to network. The software they will include is Maya, ZBrush, Adobe products, Unity, Unreal, etc.

Honestly, I'm just trying to find a place where I can mingle with people who have more experience with these softwares. After checking out CGSociety, I saw someone suggesting that here will be a better place.

ArtStation: jessicansalinas

CGSociety: jsalinas

My profiles are bare for now until I seriously start working on projects. I only very casually did art here and there.

I made a Twitter for art related stuff where I linked to my Facebook page that has some old artwork I found if interested: jessicansalinas

But seriously...

What advice would you give a new animation student?


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