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How do I go about fixing these baking distortions on a stylized character

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Lifelover polycounter lvl 8

So I've been trying to fix these distortions when baking but I'm facing a dead end, I'm afraid. I was wondering if the experienced folk around here could advise on what would be the best way to tackle them.

I tried to add some support edges here and there but didn't have much of a success.

Surely, this question has been asked a ton and I hope you'd be patient with me on this one. The technical aspect of 3D is new to me and I'd like to learn as much as I can.


  • Lifelover
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    Lifelover polycounter lvl 8

    Thank you for the extensive response! The more I work on this one, the more I realize what you said about precision on the low-poly side of things. Frankly, I was more focused on keeping the silhouette and polycount budget in check and thought (I guess a little arrogantly) that I'd be able to pull it off with baking a few normal maps and blending them together.

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