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Need help for Udim textures in marmoset toolbag 3

Hello everyone, i hope all of you are doing good ! Please accept my apologies if my english sounds a little weird, it's not my first language. 

I am a new user in Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag, and i'm learning to make UDIM textures files. So i watched several youtube tutorials, and try to make some tests, before applying what i've learned on my modeling projects. And then, i encountered a problem. 

I explain here my process :

First i prepared basic cubes in Maya.

The UV's of cubes 1&2 have been set up on tile 1001 and 1002. They share the same material, the Ai StandardSurface Shader 1SG.
The cube 3 have its UV on Tile 3 and his material is AistandardSurface Shader 2SG.
I create a substance painter project and start some random paints with random smartmaterials.

For the first cube, with tile 1001, i painted a blue C over an aluminium insulator filled layer. Tile 1002 is masked.

For the second Cube, with tile 1002, i painted a blue X, with plastic Fabric Pyramid filled layer. Tile 1001 is masked.

For the first cube, with tile 1001, i painted a blue C over an aluminimum insulator filled layer. Tile 2 is mask.

The third cube have a basic wood smart material, with a blue dots. It has his own shader, and is set on tile 1003. 

I export my textures. Right now, so everything is ok. Here is my file with my exported textures.

But in marmoset toolbag 3 i have a problem.

Marmoset toolbag 3 doesn't apply the tile mask i set in Substance Painter. And i really don't know what to do ...
 I would be very pleased if someone explain me how to display the result here in Substance Painter, in marmoset viewport. I would like to preserve the tile masking i've done in Substance Painter, and to transfer it into the materials inside of marmoset. 

I hope that my post is clear enough, sorry again for my english if it's sounds weird  ! 
I wish you all a very nice day, by waiting your answers ^^ ! 

(I posted this topic in technical talk section, but i repost it here. it's more appropriate). 


  • EarthQuake
    Toolbag does not have native support for UDIMs. A workaround is to apply a unique material for every UDIM tile you have, and then load the corresponding texture maps for each UDIM.
  • Tokushima
    For my main modeling project (the one i show is a test) I think to paint accross tiles inside one unique material in Substance Painter, then export the textures, and then add the materials in Maya. Is it a good workflow ? 

    Note : It would be very great if the devs of Marmoset think to add UDIM tile's supports features.
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