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is this poly count too high ?

Hello, I am making a modular rooftop props pack.
I began by modeling an air duct.

But, I noticed my model counts:
6896 verts / 20.480 edges / 13.576 faces / 13.576 tris (the prop is triangulated)

Is it too much for a prop of this kind ?
I want to use it in Unreal Engine 4.


  • Eric Chadwick
    Umm yeah, too much detail for typical games use.

    Only situation where this much poly detail is warranted would be if you were making a mosquito simulator, where the camera would routinely get this close.

    A better rule of thumb is to try to get each modular piece in the 2000 triangle range. With lots of leeway for different situations.

    Use normal mapping to bake all that detail into your lowpoly. Though bevels usually need to be a bit more exaggerated (see the Stickies).
  • Arthur_Nicaise
    That's what I tough.
    Thanks a lot :')
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