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[FINISHED] Stylized Witch House

Hi everyone! I've been doing my final graduation project and wanted to share and document my progress here.The idea is to make a stylized witch house with all interior props, and afterwards exterior environment. Mentor: Ana Perišić
I've started the project by collecting numerous reference photos. I decided to first work on the house itself, then props, and at the end environment of the yard of the house.
These are some references, missing about 30-40 of them in total:

After that, I went straight to work. :) I started by blocking out, and then modeling the low poly of the house. I used Blender for the block out phase. I made one end of the tower slightly bigger, due to the uneven terrain of the ground in the yard.
Concept art of the house was made by Yiteng Luo.

Then, I went on doing the interior of the house. Again, I did the block out phase and started experimenting with the placement of the different props around the house. Most of the low poly objects were again made in Blender.
Concept art used as a main reference for modeling the interior of the house was done by Leia Ham.

Next, I started editing details on objects in Zbrush. These are the current models I managed to finish in Zbrush:

Next thing I will be working on is high poly of the house and then baking and texturing all the models.

Comments and crits welcome! Thanks in advance! :) 


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