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(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge

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hanoldaa triangle

Hello Polycount Community,

I put together this little personal challenge to help improve my modeling, texturing and baking process and skills. It started when another artist friend (@echofourpapa) suggested I look around my apartment and just list everything I can see and start making them, and as I put together the list it started to feel like an Inktober prompt. So I decided to follow that format as inspiration and figured I’d share it out to the community.

The ideas behind the constraints was to create a consistent feel and make the challenge somewhat challenging.

The warm-up section is intended to fill the gap until April or serve as backups if you wanted to replace some of the main props. I’ve already started a bit out of order because I put the list together after I started some of the models. I’m honestly not expecting to hit a model every day, but I’ll give it a shot.

Looking forward to any feedback or models! Depending on how well it goes, I may followup with a similar challenge for different themes (sci-fi, fantasy, gothic… idk).

You can view the Sketchfab community post here.


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