The Beast - Nature`s Executioner (VickGaza)

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So I`ve decided to join and try to finish this one ! 

My goal is to at first glance, show a beast, blissfully eating a female hand.
At a closer look the beast will be surrounded by muddy pollution, metaphorically hinting that in fact it is humanity (the girl) that is "the beast" (through the effects of pollution), and that nature is "the beauty".
As much as we love and need nature, our weakness is how self centered we are - which might lead us to our undoing unless we accept who we are so that we can truly change. If we don`t - we die, more or less like the girl...

Creature notes:
Design a fatty creature from scratch  with 4 or 6 legs. (anything not bipedal)
On the evolutionary chain is at a transitional place between water and land. (can both swim and walk, but both are done badly/slowly)
Mostly based on Amazonian Cat fish - (Black/Cream and Oranges) , will borrow idea for scutes (imbedded crusty skin/scales) from the Armored Catfish.

That`s that, updates soon.

EDIT:Current state of creature (scroll down for more shots/views/progress):


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